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August 2020 version of PBI Desktop corrupts any PBIX report file that is saved

The August 2020 version of PBI Desktop 2.84.461.0 64-bit (August 2020), corrupts any PBIX that is saved using this version.  Once a PBIX is saved, it cannot be opened by this version or any previous version of the PBI Desktop.  It says the PBIX is corrupt.  Even when I had published to the Service using the August version, where the report is working fine; if I then download the report on the Service to a PBIX, that PBIX will not be able to be opened by any version of the PBI Desktop always indicating the report is corrupt.


I had to re-install the July version of the PBI Desktop to avoid this issue.

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I have the same thing, all reports are damaged and it is impossible to work at all. As soon as you open Microsoft products, problems start immediately. Perhaps you should remember for a long time that there is a choice ??   You don't have to use this awful Power BI

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The same problem..

When they are going to fix it ?

Helper II

We curently have the same issue with the version 2.84.701.0 64-bit (August 2020) which previous comments have indicated resolved their issues.

Although not all PBIX files are experiencing this issue (those using the PBI service as a data source seem to be ok), we still have others which drop a task exception error and prevent the file from being closed, saved, or published.


A download of the PBIX from the service did not resolve this either.


The common factor for us has so far been the use of the on prem Active Directory Connector. 

For these a refresh competes ok, but when publishing or saving, it returns an Invoke Attempt Failed error.

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I have pbix, with a mixed storage mode model using direct query too, saved with July version of Power BI.
When I  open in PB August, the button "apply changes" apears and booom! All my tables disapear!
Impossible to work, theres nothing I had made, fix it.


Help me !! Its a prod report for Director =(

Helper II

We are now running Version: 2.84.802.0 64-bit (August 2020) and the problem is still not resolved....


Any advice?

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Hi Everyone!
I'm using 2.84.802.0 and have similar issue.
When I made an updated report version and published it in the service, it doesn't work. Report is working fine in PowerBI Desktop. The error message on every visual is "Unable to convert an M query in table [TableName] into a native source query. Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.".
The report uses DirectQuery and stored MS SQL functions that return tables.
Interesting that when I tried to publish previous version of the report (that used during some months), it doesn't work after publishing in service.
I'm very annoyed as it is critical for end users. Waiting for the update.

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I have the same issue and could not be  able to solved by following all the suggestions. Please hel p me.

Helper II

Hi @OlegGorbunov 

I don't think your issue is related to the PBIX corruption problem.


I suggest you start a separate thread for your issue, otherwise you may not get the help you need. 


I am not sure how your table-value functions are structured, but I have experienced issues in the past where SQL contructs which work in the desktop are not supported online. 


If possible, include a sample of your code in your thread, eg a screenshot of your power query script?


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Hi @HlaSoe you need to download Jul 2020 version of PBI desktop, that works with no issues

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Hi @ansa_naz , I tried with  Jul 2020 version and still not working.

@Mixednuts , it's a generalized problem. I am using mixed conections with Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata, with and without Direct Query. 


I just dont understand WHY deploy monthly updates once it cause many problens... THIS IT VERY annoying, its playing with people, enterprises and jobs....