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Apply button is greyed out when adding a data source to the on-premise data gateway

I noticed when I published a report with an on-premise data source (SAP BW) along with cloud data sources (Sharepoint), the Apply button is greyed out in the gateway connection settings:



Again, this is only applicable to newly published datasets.

For the existing ones, there are no errors, and I can refresh successfully. Like this one, it has actually the same setup, just published in a different workspace some time ago:


I just experienced this yesterday. 

Any of you are experiencing it now?

Appreciate the responses!



Check out the comments for the workaround


Microsoft has also posted the issue on the Power BI Support page. Expect the fix to be on 24th of January



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Hi @Anonymous ,


This is acknowledged as an issue. We have reported the issue and submitted it to the internal icm platform, No:360537118 . Engineers will do their best to resolve the issue. I will update you here if there is any progress , please be patient.



Best regards.
Community Support Team_ Caitlyn


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Same issue here.  Is there an eta on when issue will be resolved.

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@ntdanh Nice to know the workaround works to you as well! 

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@Anonymous Wow, can't believe that work-around worked, thanks!

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We have the same issue. I hope it will be solved soon. 

Thanks in advance!


p.s. @benz_te thank you for the workaround!

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Hello @v-xiaoyan-msft,

same issue here.


@Anonymous many thanks for the workaround. It works for me as well.



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I've got a second workaround...


1. Publish a new pbix file with the same name as the original to the workspace, and ensure that you have imported at least 1 table from each data source, however DO NOT include one from Sharepoint.


2. Map your data sources.


3. Replace again with the old pbix file...


this has worked for us here, where the mapping has stayed.

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There is also something wrong with Sharepoint Folder connector in Power BI Desktop. All reports using this connector in PBI platform is showing as Sharepoint List connector and it's not necognized as source in settings. BI Team please look at this also.




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thanks @gazsam2 

your workaround works fine for us (and easier than to go to dev tool in the browser)


hope this issie will be fixed asap by Microsoft

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@gazsam2 Good to know there's another workaround! More options the better

Microsoft has now posted the issue in the Power BI Support page: (just checked 20th of Jan, 2023 UTC)



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Having the same problem
microsoft ticket.JPG