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After the October 2021 update the model view is messed up

After installing the October 2021 update of Power BI Desktop, the layout in the Model view is messed up. The positions of tables in the model view are not situated as it was in the last configuration.

Status: Delivered
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Why was this marked delivered @v-chuncz-msft - I just checked and there is no new version.

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Same issue here too. First time i thought i didnt save the file properly and then realized its a bug in power BI. Hope we get fatser resolution for this issue.





The fix is now available. Please update to the latest release.

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@Pat_msft Nice that we got a quick-fix, but pretty disappointing that there seems to be no solution to recovering the info that was lost due to the bug.  Lots of diagrams throughout many models that will need re-created and re-organized...

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Lots of extra work, as working with "Golden Datasets". so annoying. And this isn't the first time unfortunately.

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You can downgrade to the previous version any time to get your layouts back! 🙂

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@BarnabasToth installing a previous version requires having admin privileges, which is not a short or straightforward process to gain in my case... (whereas installing or updating from the Windows Store does not).

But regardless, based on this response from the Power BI Team, it seems that if the file has been saved with the reset layout, even downgrading to a previous version probably wouldn't "recover" the lost layouts.



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I had the same issue with the database layout disappearing. Upgrading to the latest version of PBi desktop allowed the layout to be saved, but didn't restore the previously lost layouts.


Luckily I had a backup of by PBIX file that hadn't been opened in the 'defective' version of PBi desktop. I took the "DiagramLayout" file from the backup PBIX and copied it into my current PBIX. (A pbix file is just a zip file - rename it to .zip and it can be opened like a normal zip file). This seemed to work - the old diagram layout was restored in the current PBIX file. YMMV.

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Thanks for that tip @mfeingold !!  I'm going to give it a try - I usually store my .pbix files in OneDrive locations so I should have lots of backups to choose from.