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After the October 2021 update the model view is messed up

After installing the October 2021 update of Power BI Desktop, the layout in the Model view is messed up. The positions of tables in the model view are not situated as it was in the last configuration.

Status: Delivered
Microsoft Employee

We are currently investigating this and doing a root cause analysis. As a workaround, you can start Desktop, not open any files and use File > Open to open the report. That should not reset / remove any diagrams.

Solution Sage

@jeroenterheerdt @AlexGorev just to clarify, is it expected that the File >> Open work-around would restore layouts that were saved prior to the October update, or simply to prevent any additional layouts created/adjusted since the update from being lost?


From my initial testing, it seems to only be the latter.

Power BI Team

@ebeery using File->Open workaround will restore layouts unless you saved this PBIX with reset layot.

Helper I

@AlexGorevThat is absolutely terrible.  We didn't just stop working on our reports while this bug existed, so of course we saved our reports with the reset layouts.  The Power BI team should be ashamed of themselves for this bug.

Advocate III

I have the same problem.
This error makes the work difficult; we lost the organization of the Dimension and Fact table views.

Advocate V

Rolling back to August release is the best idea. Also a good idea to back up your models before saving them in a new version of PBI Desktop.

October '21 release of PBI Desktop has 2 deal-breaking bugs for me, since I'm working on building out a huge enterprise-grade model:


1) Data model layout goes "POOF"

2) No progress indicator of # of rows loaded on data refresh


I expect WAY better QA from the product team going forward. You broke something important 2 months in a row. Time to update those regression test scripts maybe. Thanks!

Regular Visitor

Having the same issue here.


Also - you're unable to re-order the tabs in the model view.

Frequent Visitor

all custom layouts are now emptied out, and are again so every time you close the pbix model file.  aweful

Community Support



Workaround is to open desktop first, then to use File > Open to open the pbix - rather than double-clicking on the pbix. Fix will be in desktop QFE release.

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered