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Return top 5 items instead of all items with top 5 values in table

Dear Team,


Could you please help me with the following issue.


I have risks list. Each risk in the list has its score. I need to create a table which will reflect 5 top items based on score. I tried to use Top N filter in Power BI, but it returns 5 top values, which are repeated. But I need it to return 5 top items.

For Example, based on list below I need to retur 6  lines Risks from 09 to 14 (6th line have to be returned too as it is equal to value for 5th item).


Risk01        1

Risk02        1

Risk03        2

Risk04        2

Risk05        3

Risk06        3

Risk07        4

Risk08        4

Risk09        5

Risk10        5

Risk11        6

Risk12        6

Risk13        7

Risk14        7


Can you please help me with the issue please.

I am not attaching the orignal file as it is huge in volume.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

@Anonymous as per my understanding the Top 5 items by risk is 10 to 14. (and the TOP 5 filter does show repetitive values).

However, for your desired outcome you can try the TOP 6 instead of the TOP 5



Hope it helps 🙂



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