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Introduce Yourself!

Let's get to know each other a little better!  

Reply to this thread and introduce yourself  😊

Let everyone know where you're hacking from and what Microsoft Fabric workloads and AI / Copilot features that you're most excited about experimenting with!

Advocate V
Advocate V

Hi folks, 

I'm Alex Dean, head of Data Analytics at Allgeier in Switzerland. I'm buidling up a team of highly skilled Data professionals here and we're all in love with fabric. It's a love-hate relationship right now, as with most products that come fresh out of the MS Power house 🙂 but nevertheless, there is lots of love. 

You'll probably see me helping out in the forums and solving blockers so everybody can have fun with this cool new technology. 


See ya!

New Member

Welcome 🙂 
My name is Bart and Im pretty new to Fabrics and AI, Im jr. bi dev and i wants to extend my skills with that challenge. 
Im looking forward to exploring ways of working with Fabrics and openAI to build some cool private projects 🙂 

Regular Visitor

AI is not coming for your work; it is coming TO your work! Olanrewaju is the data and AI guy. I am deeply passionate about helping people stay relevant by teaching them how to apply AI to their work and accelerate their careers.


As a Microsoft Certified Trainer and community leader with 13 Microsoft certifications, he can help you build reports that add value to business; build machine learning models that can reduce costs, increase revenue, and optimize business processes; build low-code applications; and much more.


I am excited to participate in this hacktogether.

Frequent Visitor

I'm Paul, deeply immersed in Azure AI, specializing in creating Copilots, Custom GPTs, and pioneering AutoGen workflows to streamline and automate our internal processes at Metropolis Corp. My journey includes architecting various Azure OpenAI Deployments and leveraging open-source models to enhance team efficiency and decision-making. Additionally, I've spearheaded the launch of multiple Power BI Apps on Appsource, demonstrating our commitment to delivering advanced analytics solutions.

I look forward to engaging with this community, exchanging innovative ideas, and exploring synergies in AI and data visualization advancements. Shout out to #guyinacube for making PowerBI fun and helping me learn!

Frequent Visitor

Hello I am Akhil Gurrapu, a recent grad of SIUE, I am Power BI Developer - Data Analyst/Engineering. I am excited about the Hackathon, And hoping to learn more about the fabric in the word of AI. I am also a Founder, PowerBI and Fabric Blogger at



Akhil Gurrapu.

New Member

Hello All, Myself Devendra Nagar, Power BI & Data Analytics lead having domain knowledge about finance, commercial, logisitics & HR. I have registered so that can learn and gain skills related to Microsoft Fabric. Would like to create a real world solution using fabrics so that can understand various capabilities of fabric. Happy to collobrate with other so that can multiply the skills of each other.

Regular Visitor

I am an AI Engineer and looking forward to learning more about Fabric over this hackathon 🙂

Frequent Visitor

Hello everyone😊,

I'm Stéphie Sobgoum, a Power BI analyst, and I have just completed the learning journey provided to become an Analyst Engineer with Microsoft Fabric. I'm thrilled to be part of this adventure and to explore the power of AI with Microsoft Fabric through hands-on experience. I'm participating in this journey from Quebec, Canada.


Regular Visitor

Hi everyone!
I am Armin and I join with my team to the hackathon! We are very excited about participating and implementing some cool apps. Also, we are looking forward to see what others will make. Let's have fun. Good luck to everyone!

New Member

Hello There!

My name is Eugeniu. I am a Data Analyst at Endava Romania and this Hackaton will be the first time I will be using Microsoft Fabric.


I am Sunil Yadav, a recent registrant for the Fabric Hack Together program.I am particularly keen on conducting a small Proof of Concept (POC) to gain hands-on experience with an end-to-end solution. This involves tasks such as extracting data from sources, storing it in the initial layer of trusted datasets, and subsequently implementing de-duplication and production schema matching for the second layer.

Best Regards,
Sunil Yadav

Frequent Visitor

Hello, I'm Harsh, a BI Engineer, thrilled to join the Fabric Hack Together Hackathon, ready to utilize my expertise in Microsoft Power BI and Azure AI Services to develop real-life use cases and end-to-end applications.

Hi Harsh, this is Tibi. Would you like to be in a team with me?

Hi , Can I join the team as well? I am new to fabric but having experience on databricks and data ingestion etc.

Sure, you can 🙂

Hi, thankyou so how we can connect to collaborate?

Hi, can you please send me pm as I'm lost in this thread here. Or LinkedIn?

Hi Tibi.
Sure we can team up. Let me know where and how to connect with you?

I have Teams:

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi All, this is Tibor from Hungary. I'm a Data Analyst and finished Fabric Analytics Engineer. I'm interested to join a team and participate in the event to learn more about Fabric.

Hi Have you formed the team? I would like to be part in please let me know

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