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Helper V
Helper V

ingesting data from on premise sql server to Fabric Via Notebook

Hi Team, 

i need to ingest the data from on premise sql server to Fabric. i am able to do this using Dataflows, but my requirement is here to use Notebook. 

is there any way or code to do that. please let me know.


Regular Visitor

The best way to do that is create a Pipeline and use the Copy Data function to ingestion (is more performant than Notebooks). Then once you have the raw data in your Workspace use notebooks to transform and load the data proccesed in your final destination. 

Community Support
Community Support

Hello @sudhav 
I am in agreement with @DennesTorres  . It seems like the bottle neck at this time is the data gateway .

Can you try  and upload the data to the cloud and then try to run the data flow ( pointing to the cloud location )?  You never mentioned what kind of data you have ? Is it SQL or somekind of files ? If its file you can give a try with Azcopy 

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

@sudhav  Try and connect with Vengatesh, he mentioned in his video that it can be possible via synapse sprak 
I am unsure of his solution , but good idea to chat with him as he seems MS employee

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual


I don't think the notebooks on Fabric can access data through the data gateway. The pipelines can't also, only the dataflows can.

I'm curious: Wouldn't it be enough to bring the data to the Fabric environment using a dataflow and later transform the data using a notebook?

Kind Regards,


Hi, I agree with you dataflows are enough, but those are very slow and my customer asking me to do it in another way because huge volume of the dta in on prem. so dataflows are getting failed oftenely while publishing and also getting performance issues.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual


I don't think the dataflows are the ones to be blamed here, although this is a very specific experience and it would be interesting to hear from someone from Microsoft.

Dataflows are linked to the Fabric capacity as the notebooks, the performance should not have this huge difference, it should be only a matter of choice - I believe so.


Anyway, the bottleneck on this case doesn't seems to be the dataflow execution, but the transfer through data gateway, which notebooks don't support yet.

First, I would suggest to analyse the volume of data: would it be possible to make incremental load to reduce it?

Second, I would consider alternate ways. What if you make some automation on premises, may be SSIS, to generate files and upload these files to the "Files" area of a lakehouse, than start in the cloud from this point?

At the moment you may be tied by the lack of notebook support to the data gateway. In the future, you may need a support ticket to ask about the best option and performance issues.


Kind Regards,



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