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SharePoint files to lakehouse

Can Febric lakehouse synchronize and update files on my SharePoint in real-time? How to do it? Or can files on SharePoint have a shortcut in Fabric
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Is it a Synapse qusetion? I use febric, want create a shortcut for sharepoint.But when i use dataflow2,it get a structure data.The file turns to binary,not excel,pdf or word

Do you mean OneLake shortcuts capability OneLake shortcuts - Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn to Sharepoint files? Onelake/Lakehouse is in Fabric Synpase Data Engineering community under Home - Microsoft Fabric Community

Let me know if I misunderstood your question. 

Yes, your understanding is correct. I want to create a shortcut like OneLake to create SharePoint. Shortcut similar to onelake. I create a shortcut to my SharePoint folder so that I can directly see the files in that folder. However, when I was using dataflow2, the SharePoint it read was structured data, and the files inside became binary data instead of plaintext.

i get data like this,the file turns to binary data


Do you mean dataflow gen2, get data from Sharepoint (that is created by SharePoint shortcut), and dataflow cannot read it correctly? 

If this is correct understanding of the issue, you can move this question to Dataflows - Microsoft Fabric Community.  (I can help move as well if you can confirm this is the correct understanding of the issue). 


Thank you for your patience.  

i want to know wheather febric support create shortcut from sharepoint

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