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Advocate I
Advocate I

Permissions to Fabric items

Hi all, is there anyway of being able to customise what Fabric items end users are able to access? I want to give permissions to users to upload their files to the Lakehouse but not to see the Warehouse/Notebooks, as well as being able to let users run Data Pipelines on demand but not be able to edit them. Has anyone found a way of getting round this? 

Resolver IV
Resolver IV


I think you need to give minimum write permissions for users to load data into the lakehouse. See the snapshot below. Unfortunately, this can only be granted at the workspace level, if I understand it correctly, via the contributor role.
What I can suggest is that you have a separate workspace or ADLS (basically a drop area) with write permissions. Here, your users can drop the data files, and the pipelines can pick them up from that area. You can then keep your lakehouse, notebooks, pipelines, etc. in a separate workspace where you have more control.

To allow users to only execute the pipelines and not edit them will be a tricky part. You'd need to grant only the viewer role at the workspace level for that. But then again, I believe to execute the pipeline, they should have access to the underlying connection.

An easier solution would be to schedule the pipeline more frequently, like hourly, and agree with users that the data files will be picked up according to the schedule.

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Unfortunately not, I would need users to refresh at their leisure, it would be a waste of resource to refresh on a schedule.

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