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How to get D365f&O tables in microsoft fabric

help !!


It's been some time since my original reply and in the meantime we got a public preview of Dataverse direct integration with Microsoft Fabric - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn. I suggest you to try it out. If Dataflows Gen2 does not work for you in terms of data transformation, you can leverage Fabric notebooks (yes, this will be code-based approach).

Does the Dataverse integration support all possible tables from Dynamics F and O? Does it support entities?

Im working with integrating F&O with Fabric right now, and if im not mistaken the current Fabric/Dataverse integration only supports F&O entities, not tables. Unclear if/when this will be added. 

The integration is very simple to configure, if compared to the up-until-recently only "modern alternative", which was synapse link to azure synapse analytics with Delta Lake conversion. That was a real pain to configure and maintain. 

I had confirmation from MS that certain entities are not exported, but rather their underlying tables were. Eg CustomersV3

This might be the case for some enteties that I have not yet come into contact with in my testing - I dont know, but you are probably right. Its already messy enough with 4 different working export solutions, all supporting a somewhat different featureset (BYOD, Export do Data Lake, Synapse Link to DataLake &/or DeltaLake via Spark, Synapse Link to Fabric OneLake).. 😥🤐


This is at least a secreenshot of my current dev environment, where I have successfully exported a few entities to OneLake:



I believe there are some entities not supported like CustomersV3 - that gets exported as the underlying tables (but I haven't tested yet)

Can you confirm that you're in fact able to see Finance and Operation tables in your Dataverse?
For example, I can only see that our CustomersV3 entity is mapped to Dataverse.accounts through Dual write, I cannot see that any Finance and Operations tables are exported to our Dataverse?

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@ppotasinski I have Export to DataLake configured and can configure the shortcut but how can I use the data in fabric? Do I need to use CDM utility to compile as a table first? Can I compile as a table within a notebook and then do transformations after that? Currently I've been using DataFlow Gen2 but it's taking so long and using all my Capacity CU's.


Hi, there is the functionality to setup Synapse Link into Fabric (in preview)

Dataverse direct integration with Microsoft Fabric - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn


I would try and avoid the overhead of using the CDM utility if the integration process in the link above works for you.


You could store the data of D365F&O in Dataverse and then use a pipeline or Dataflows Gen2 in Fabric to load your data into a lakehouse or a warehouse (depending on your preference). Read more on how to configure dual-write for F&O: Enable dual-write for existing finance and operations apps - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | M....


An alternative would be to export data to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2) and then use shortcuts in Fabric to virtualize data from ADLS Gen2 in OneLake. About exporting data to ADLS Gen2: Export to Data Lake in finance and operations apps - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft.... About shortcuts in OneLake: OneLake shortcuts - Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn.

Hello ppotasinski,


I have a Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2) in which there are entities that are exported.


I can connect to it via a dataflow in Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse.

The problem is that I don't have the entity column headers,


do you know how I can retrieve them?


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