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New Member

Can't create Warehouse with License Type: "Free account" in workspaces other than "My Workspace"

I have a Fabric trial account, is it possible to have a create a Warehouse within a new workspace?


This is not a previously reported (and resolved) problem of not being able to see Fabric workspace items.


Perhaps the real problem is that I cannot create the correct type of workspace (see screengrab 4 below)

Error message

I'm currently getting the following error message also in (see screengrab 2 below)

Activity ID: 7e2da148-dd7e-4857-9ac3-61178f7d9266
Request ID: 5b117256-0936-6cf3-8218-c82fe5f09cfd
Correlation ID: 61f8e896-06a6-081d-35d9-8393656b3062
Status code: 200
Time: Thu Aug 31 2023 10:43:16 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.21401.70
Client version: 2308.3.15456-train
Cluster URI:


Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable 60 day free trial 
  2. Create "Pro" workspace (because "Trial" and "Fabric capacity" are grayed out i.e. not available as options (see screengrab 4 below)
  3. Try to create "Warehouse Preview" 
  4. Modal appears saying (see screengrab 1 below)
    To create a Warehouse (Preview), your workspace dbtlabsfabricdev needs to be upgraded to a free Fabric trial capacity.
  5. Upgrading requires us to create a free trial capacity for you and assign this workspace to it 
  6. Shortly after another model pops up that says "Something Went Wrong" (see screengrab 2 below)
  7. Closing that window returns us to Modal in step four that says "Failed to prepare a free trial capacity for this workspace

Relevant Screenshots


screengrab 1: first modal


screengrab 2: second modal



screengrab 3: license type


screengrab 4: create workspace modal


Resolver IV
Resolver IV

@dataders  Can you check by going to your admin portal if this setting is enabled for your organisation at tenant settings , if you dont have access to the admin portal then connect with your Admin who has the access to this 


Ps:If my response helped, kindly select it as the solution. Your kudos are greatly appreciated!


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