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Advocate I
Advocate I

Auto creation of Table from a File

Hi, I just uploaded a CSV to a Lakehouse as a file, and then clicked the ... icon and chose to make it into a table. It did so - but there's a zip code column that it mapped as integer when it really needs to be character data (to not drop leading zeros). I don't really see a way to do this - is there?


I "could" create a gen2 pipeline...but that seems like overkill. Seems like we should have a way in the gui to do this.




Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I agree, some settings or options for the build in "copy to table"are missing. Column names need to be valid table names, the row delimiter causes issues. You have to prepare CSV tables to meet all requirements or you can't use the automated "copy to table". I was never able to use it, only when I used the specific sample csv from the learnins session. Some options would be fine to start a small wizard from here to create a pipeline. Similar to the import or export wizards in SSMS, to start the pipeline wizard at this file. But the current pipeline wizard works, so there is a workaround. But it takes more time than it should.
And after creating a pipeline, I would like to store it under git source control to reuse it later. I don't know how.

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