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Unable to update Data Source credentials for SharePoint Site using REST API and Service Account

I have a Power BI dataset which is connected to a sharepoint site. I want to be able to do the following with a AAD Service Account:

  1. Takeover Datset
  2. Get Datasources for dataset
  3. Update credentials for datasource
  4. Refresh dataset

I able to perform 1 and 2 using rest api but receive an error when attempting to update credentials for a SharePoint site datasource.


Below is a snippet of the Python code I am using, using this guide as a reference





access_token = asdhaudhuaihfa...
credentials = {"credentialData": {"name": "accessToken", "value": access_token}}
credentialType = "OAuth2"

def update_credentials(gateway_id, datasource_id, credentialType,
                       credentials, privacyLevel=None, useCallerAADIdentity = None,
                       useEndUserOAuth2Credentials = None):
    # PATCH{gatewayId}/datasources/{datasourceId}
    body = {
        "credentialDetails": {
            "credentialType": credentialType,
            "credentials": json.dumps(credentials),
            "encryptedConnection": "Encrypted",
            "encryptionAlgorithm": "None",
            "privacyLevel": privacyLevel,
            'useCallerAADIdentity': useCallerAADIdentity, 
            'useEndUserOAuth2Credentials': useEndUserOAuth2Credentials 
    url = 
    print(f"Rest API: {url}")
    api_call = requests.patch(url, data = json.dumps(body), 
    headers= {"Authorization": f"Bearer {access_token}", "Content-Type": "application/json"})
    return api_call




I have tried using the PBI access token, a SharePoint Site access token, trying different (True/False/Blank) combinations of useCallerAADIdentity & useEndUserOAuth2Credentials. All have returned error codes. 

Error codes:


Specifying UseCallerOAuthIdentity requires credential type to be OAuth2


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My App API permissions:







Helper III
Helper III



Were you able to solve the problem?
I have a similar problem: Re: Power BI dataset refresh: use service principa... - Microsoft Fabric Community and I managed to get it working with the SharePoint resource and permissions but this needs to work with a client certificate. You need to upload a certificate and create a JWT header + payload. With this you can create an access token that gives you access to your SharePointList with Power BI.

I would like to use MS Graph and a client secret instead but haven't found the solution yet...


You also need to remove useEndUserOAuth2Credentials from your body because this is only used when using DirectQuery like Azure SQL or Kusto. It will give you an error that this parameter is only for those data sources.



Kind regards

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