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Helper I
Helper I

Time Slicer Between Style Shows only Date. NOT TIME

Hi Power BI Community,


I have a table with a DateTime Column I have separated the date and time into two columns and I want to filter the line chart separately with date and with time.


I have used the Between Slicer for Date I want to use the Same Between Slicer for the Time as well but when i Place the Time column in the value field in the Slicer it only shows Date and I get a weird date 12/30/1899.


Another thing is I want to create a disconnected table of Time with 1 hour interval in 12 hour format AM/PM. and then I should be able to filter the line chart with that Time Table. as I have time 15 interval time data, i want to filter the line chart "Between" two different timestamps. I tried creating the disconnected Time Table but I was not able to filter the line chart.


I have attached the Screenshots of the Slicer and DateTime Table.Time Slicer Between Style .png


Date and Time Table.png


Please help.


Thanks & Regards,


Helper I
Helper I

Hi @lbendlin ,


Sure, I  will provide the sample data.


Thank you so much for the reply.


Best regards,


Super User
Super User

Your approach with a disconnected times table is reasonable. Use a measure to compute the chart values.


Please provide sample data (with sensitive information removed) that covers your issue or question completely, in a usable format (not as a screenshot). Leave out anything not related to the issue.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

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