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Power BI Embedded in Power Apps - Model Driven App - App Owns the Data mode?

Hello community professionals,


I need your help again. I want to create a Power BI Embedded report in Power Apps - Model-Driven App - with Power BI for Customers // App Owns the Data mode. Is that even possible? My final product should be an ISV model-driven application containing embedded Power BI report which will automatically connect to a customer's Dataverse data, while the whole Power BI infrastructure management (report, workspaces, credentials, licensing) should be on us (on a development company). The idea is that, the final user (outside of our organization, a.k.a. a Customer) would be able to download our Solution which would contain our model-driven app with Power BI report pre-established in it, without needing additional Power BI licensing and w/o needing to deal with Power BI infrastructure and licensing.


So, basically I want to create a Power BI Embedded application, but I want to embed it into a model-driven app. Now, model-driven apps have Power BI controls and tiles. I have tried all of that already, but in this case users would need to have Power BI Pro license to access the reports. I want that our clients wouldn't have to have any Power BI licensing.


Do you maybe know if Power BI components in Power Apps would work with Power BI Embedded (classical embedded, a.k.a. ex-Power BI Premium) - App Owns the Data mode?


Thank you in advance for your kind reply.


Kind regards,



Community Support
Community Support

Hi  @taisiyas ,


It is recommended that you use Embed for your customers, App users don't need a license

Based on my research, if you need to embed PBI reports into your desktop/application, you may need to use embed for customer or embed for organization.

It is recommended that you use Embed for your customers, App users don't need a license


Ensure that Power BI Embedded is set up in Azure to allow applications to authenticate and render Power BI reports

Embed content in your Power BI embedded analytics application - Power BI | Microsoft Learn



You can try using RLS associated with Power BI Embedded to ensure data security and privacy.

Row-level security (RLS) with Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

There are Azure costs associated with using Power BI Embedded, depending on capacity and usage.

Capacity and SKUs in Power BI embedded analytics - Power BI | Microsoft Learn


This is the related document, you can view this content:

Power BI embedded analytics overview - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

Power BI Embedded for WordPress now available! - Microsoft Fabric Community


Best Regards,

Liu Yang

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Thank you for your reply. I know about PBI Embedded capabilities, however, my question is about PBI Embedded in the context of model driven apps. Do you have any experience with that?


Kind regards,



Sounds that what you are looking for is "Embed for your customers" (aka App Owns Data). I think that model driven apps only support "Embed for your organization" (aka User Owns Data).

Power Pages do support "Embed for your customers" but I guess it will not answer your requirement

Sorry, me again. Do you maybe know if, in the scenario when I just want my users to have Premium capacity privileges (like higher speed, more per-day refreshes, etc.), if I can add a Power BI workspace which is automatically and managed by Power Apps to a Premium capacity? I see an option with a PPU but not with a Premium capacity per tenant...





Thank you in advance for your reply!


Kind regards,


Also, do you maybe know: if Embed for your Customers is available for Power Pages, might it be also available for Power Apps Pages?



That's an interesting piece of information, thanks! Why do you think that Embed for your customers is not working with Model-Driven Apps? I am only asking because I have got replies in other groups hinting that those Power BI components available in Model-Driven Apps in Power Apps would work both with Embed for your Customers and Embed for your Organization - primarily, because Power Apps are generally adopted to work well with ISV, while ISV is meant for Customers by its nature. Could you recommend any piece of documentation on the topic, please? I wasn't able to find anything definitive.


Kind regards,


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