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Power BI Desktop: "Export to PDF" ist not wating for IVisualEventService.renderingFinished()


I'm developing a custom visual that takes a few seconds for asynchronous rendering, so I'm calling the
IVisualEventService methods (see

- renderingStarted(options: VisualUpdateOptions) > synchronously in the update method)
- renderingFinished(options: VisualUpdateOptions) > at the end of the asynchronous rendering method
- renderingFailed(options: VisualUpdateOptions) > at the end of the asynchronous error handler callback

However, Power BI Desktop is not wating for the call
to renderingFinished() when it loops over the report's pages on "Export to PDF",
therefore the screenshot of my visual in the PDF document is incomplete. My custom visual is not yet certified.

My questions: Is this the known (and desired) behaviour of Power BI Desktop for uncertified custom visual?
Does Power BI Desktop waits for renderingFinished() on "Export to PDF" for certified visuals?
Or am I doing something wrong?


Best regards,


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