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Need help On waterfall chart - I want to fix breakdown in alphabetical order

I have created seperate category and breakdown table. And created different measures for all last year, current year and all 12 breakdown values (Months) measure.
In Category table - Last year and Current Year
In Breakdown Table - January, febuary,......,December 

I have used "" this link to create waterfall chart with all values.

But I am not able to set order in alphabitcal order fixed. It is changes according to first Incresaed values and then decreased values.
I want Last Year, January, Febuary,..December , Current year in this order it should not be change after values changes  (Increased or decreased), order should keep same.

Thank you in advance.

Super User
Super User

Hi @rohanghule13 ,

There is no way to sort the breakdown other than by value. As you can see in your referenced video, the order of Price, Volume, Mix also changes based on their values when different filters are applied resulting in different values.


As a workaround you can use a stacked column chart in which the column sections that show your breakdown are stacked on top of a column section with background color or transparency so it looks like a waterfall chart. Then you can define the x-axis categories and order in a new table as you like and write two measures for the actual values and the blank space below the values in the column chart.

If you want to apply different colors, like red, green, blue, transparent to the column sections then you can also write measures to provide these colors. The color code for transparency is any 8-digit hex number ending with 00, e.g. "#00000000".

This video shows the fundamental idea of using a column chart: Floating Column Chart or Step column Chart in Power BI - YouTube


Alternatively you can check wether custom visuals work for you.





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