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Manage permissions in Power BI with the user groups created in Sharepoint Online (O365)

Hi Team,


Need few insights on implementation of permissions on the reports and dashboard created in power Bi with the user groups created in SharePoint Online. So to throw some light on what exactly we are trying to achieve is,


We have SharePoint Online site which forms as data source for building reports in Power Bi. From the SharePoint perspective, we have item level permissions implemented on the lists. I will try to explain with a scenario, Lets say, we have 3 Vendors AUDI,BMW,and Merc and Every vendor has roles Manager, Designer and Finance. So now my total number of User groups who has access to the SharePoint list items is 3*3=9 and the SharePoint groups look something like Grp_AUDI_Mgr,Grp_AUDI_Designer,Grp_AUDI_Finance. same format goes for other vendor as well. So the target audience for the reports we build in power bi defers from each role perspective.


Now, how i am dealing with the implementation of above scenario is, as a developer i am connecting to the SharePoint list from Power BI and extracting the complete data and creating custom tables using merge queries and publishing it as data set. Note, this data set contains data related to all vendors. Once i get this data set. i am filtering data based on Vendor Audi on all the data tables and publishing it as a dataset for the target audience Grp_AUDI_Mgr.


Again for the AUDI Designer group filter the data tables based on Vendor Name "AUDI" and Designation "Designer" and publish as new data set for AUDI Designers group. The same goes with the rest.


Once i have 9 different data sets in place, i am creating 9 different workspace group and adding users to the group manually. But, i feel this is not a feasible solution and wanted to know from the community whether there is any existing solution to answer this scenario.


In our scenario we have 50 + SharePoint groups. So if i carry out the implementation of publishing different data set to different workspaces i will end up creating 50 + workspaces in Power BI online. I have heard we can achieve something using Organizational Content packs. Please guide me with the architectural implementation of above scenario.


Any artifacts will also help. Waiting for the team's response.


Thanks for keeping patience and reading the entire case study.





Regular Visitor

Hi. I'd like to know if you were able to do this? or what have you done to achieve this? I also have a requirement similar to this. But mine was user level permission and I have hundreds of user. Thanks



Using the username() DAX function in RLS looks promising. 

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