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Line Graph Legend does not show all legend items, and no legend entries if only one line exists

I have a Power BI Report, with a Line Chart.  The line chart is supplied with data that includes a monthly value for each month of the year, and a location (currently 4 locations).  When I filter the data, some or all of the legend entries disappear.  This presents a problem when there is only one location that has data after filtering, as there is no way to easily tell which location the line is representing. 


I have tried both options of the  "Show Items with no data" Legend checkbox, with no change. 


I would rather that all of the legend entries be visable, rather than them being hidden if there is no data represented on the graph.  Alternatively, I believe there should be an entry for any legend entry that has data displayed (which is not the case when there is only one line).   The only way to determine which entry the line represents is to look at the color and disable the filters to you can determine which entry is the same.  This would be a problem if there were 20 entries as the color differences become very subtle to determine from memory. 


I have tried this with both the online and desktop version of Power BI with the same result.


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