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Dynamic Legends based on the combination of Slicers an Date Range

Context: A stacked column chart visual which has count of metric on the Y-axis and dates on the X-axis. The chart is displaying Top N regions/territories based on the selection from two slicers


Slicer 1 : Region/Territory

Slicer 2 : Top N (e.g., top 5, 10 or 15) for a given time period (Slicer 3). 


Legend shows a list of Region/Territories as per selection of Slicer 1


Problem Statement : The chart needs have the capability of displaying Top N regions/territories on the basis of selection of slicer 1 and 2, but should do that for the date range of slicer 3 only.


Say, Slicer 3 has a date range of Jan-23 to Mar-23, Slicer 1 = Territory & Slicer 2 = Top 5


So, the chart should display count of metric for Top 5 territories(terr1, terr2, .. terr5) from Jan-23 to Mar-23, now assuming we want to display it at a monthly level, it should display values only for those 5 territories.


Legend should also display only those 5 territories which are part of that Top 5.


Current Scenario:  Everything is done apart from legend requirement.


Please Help !!

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Super User

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