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Helper III
Helper III

Deneb - Vega Lite - Group a matrix on 2 levels



In Deneb / Vega-Lite, I would like to group a matrix based on the column 'Customer' and 'Product' but I only get it working for one group but I want both on row level and not column level.


This is my code:

"data": {
    "values": [
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH114", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 24},
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH114", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.90},
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH114", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 74},
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH114", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.75},
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH878", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 744},
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH878", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.05},
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH878", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 4},
      {"Customer": "Kevin N.V.", "Product": "PH878", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.07},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH200", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 77},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH200", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.65},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH200", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 80},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH200", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.8},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH527", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 4},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH527", "YearMonthText": "2024.01", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.77},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH527", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Forecast", "_Value": 88},
      {"Customer": "Klaas N.V.", "Product": "PH527", "YearMonthText": "2024.02", "Column": "Percentage", "_Value": 0.9}
  "facet": {
    "row": {
      "field": "Product",
      "title": null,
      "header": {"labelFontSize": 14}
  "spec": {
    "encoding": {
      "y": {
        "field": "Column",
        "title": null
      "x": {
        "field": "YearMonthText",
        "title": null,
        "axis": {"orient": "top"}
    "layer": [
      {"mark": {"type": "rect"}},
        "mark": {
          "type": "text",
          "fontSize": 12
        "encoding": {
          "text": {
            "field": "_Value",
            "type": "quantitative"


Kind regards

Super User
Super User

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Why Deneb and not a regular chart like a multi card or a matrix? 

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