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Helper II
Helper II

Can you use PowerApps in conjunction with PowerBI Embedded and RLS?

As per the title; I'm using PowerBI Embedded to serve reporting from our Multi Tenant Retail / Hospitality Application - Secured using RLS. I would like to add the ability for users to add in their own sales forecasts into the PowerBI model, and understand the only way to currently do this within PowerBI is to use PowerApps.  I couldn't find an answer to the above question - so was wondering if anyone could put me in the right direction, or has had experience with this?


Thanks in advance!


"users to add in their own sales forecasts into the PowerBI model"


Do you mean you would like the user to be able to "Filter" the Data, or insert data into the Power BI Model?

To filter the report, we could consider take use of Power BI JavaScript to set the filter:



Or we could use PowerApps custom Visual:

Walk through of using the PowerApps custom visual in Power BI

And currently this visual is only available to pass read-only data into PowerApps, which then could be used to update the corresponding data source.


Besides, the Power BI connection under PowerApps is only available to push new data with the real-time streaming dataset.




Maybe I could do with a better explaing the user story........


Our implimentation of PowerBI is using the "App Owns Data" model - And is delivered using PowerBI embeded into our own Application (


Security is handled via RLS - With each user / company having a role.


Lets assume the PowerBI embeded interface in the simplist form will show:

1 - A Sales dashboard, which pulls data from an EPOS platform, and displays the sales per day / month / year.  

2 - Overlayed on the sales dashboard we want to show the sales forecasts, so they can see if they are achieving their sales targets.


Number 1 is sorted

Number 2 is currently a hack, where we are currently adding the Sales Forecast to our PowerBI model via updating the PBIX via adding the data from a XLSX source file....  Less than ideal.


I am wanting to make the process dynamic, and would like to enter the Sales Forecasts from within the PowerBI embeded window.


Questions I have are:

1 - Is Using a PowerApp widget within a PowerBI Emebeded Window supported?

2 - If so, does it support RLS

3 - Does anyone have a video or link of this working within PowerBI Emebeded?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Robbief.


Did you figure this out? We would also like to input some data through an embedded Power BI report which uses RLS, but unsure if it is supported.


Br. Olli

I'm also looking to do this - the question is very clearly stated.  Can someone from MS kindly provide some direction?


I found this page that seems to speak to "embedding" PowerApps


But, this note on that page


Keep the following restrictions in mind:

Only PowerApps users in the same tenant can access the embedded app.


suggests that using this technique with Power BI Embedded won't work, as the App Owns Data scenario suggests that your users aren't "in your tenant", but are user accounts in your application domain.  I'm interpreting the text, and am looking for clarification from MS, please.

Hi @Sohrab,


You are right. The App Owns Data model in Power BI have its corresponding Report access credential "Stored" within the code, so external users could see the reports without entering their credential, while PowerApps Embedding scenario still need the same tenant users to sign in to use.


So for the Power BI App owns Data scenario, to use PowerApps embedding (custom Visual) is not available.

For PowerApps Share to external users, please check the following idea for the current status:

Share with external users


Besides, as I have shared earlier, currently the custom Visual could only get the Power BI Filter data into PowerApps as Read-Only data, to modify the data, additional modifications need to be done when building the PowerApps Visual.


And for the updated data to sync back to Power BI, you need to wait until the next data refresh schedule.


Hope the information above could be helpful.




The latest on this from the PowerApps ideas forum, posted by a Microsoft staffer last week: "We will have a private preview and public preview dates earlier than Oct [i.e. 2019]. Exact dates are still to be determined."


It's a good thing I tested this as a client of mine asked about using PBI Embedded with some form of user input, and I initially thought the PowerApps custom chart would be the obvious solution. I guess we'll have to handle user input outside of the PBI embed with some JS API glue to tie it together.

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