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Helper III
Helper III

set background color for one of the hierarchy in a matrix


I have a matrix and i want to show the background color of one of the hierarchy level in grey color.How I can achieve this?

I want to show grey background only for below 3rd level of hierarchy.How can I achieve this.







Super User
Super User

Hi nj17


I do not work for Microsoft, I just volunteer to help answer questions.

Sorry - the standard matrix visual does not allow row conditional formating.

You could consider searching for a customer visual that does.


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I have answered your question correctly, albeit it might not be the answer you wanted.





Super User
Super User

Thanks nj17  for the thumbs up. Please can you click the "accept the solution" button

You can see from the example I provded that the solution works.
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Super User
Super User

Click here to download the solution 


How it works ....

The DAX measure is set to Grey if the visual cell is at level 3.
If there is level 4 or 5 then you need to set that to blank, because they are filtered within the 3 hierachy   


Level RAG =
ISFILTERED(Sales[Level4]), BLANK(),
ISFILTERED(Sales[Level3]), "Grey")
then in conditonal fomating set the
format style = Field valeu
Based on field = Level RAG
apply to= Valeus and totals


Thanks for reaching out for help.

I put in a lot of effort to help you, now please quickly help me by giving kudos.

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Hi @speedramps 

Thank you for the help but one question I have is that Do I need to set conditional formating for all columns I have in matrix as you set only for Amount?

other thing is I wanted the whole row in grey color like below .is it possible?



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