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"Show items with no data" option not available for visual

Hello guys,


According the documentation  there should be an option "Show items with no data".
However this option is not displayed as expected for me, if I right-click on one of the value fields.
Maybe I am completely missing something here, but I cant figure it out.

Furthermore the visual I want to apply this option to is a matrix, which contains 9 rows with data.
I also added a slicer to my page in order to filter the data accordingly. When a filter is applied I always want to show all of the 9 rows, even if there does not exist any data for a certain group. Instead of hiding the rows, the corresponding values should be displayed as 0s.


Currently the matrix will be reduced to only that groups, which actually contains data.


Many, thanks in advance for your help.




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @_JoSi_DA,

What version of the power bi desktop are you worked on? Can you please share some more detailed information about these? 
In addition, you can also share a pbix with some dummy data. They will help us clarify your scenario and test to troubleshoot.

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Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Hi @v-shex-msft ,

thanks for your reply.

I am using the following Version: 2.109.1021.0 32-bit (September 2022)

I guess providing dummy data, which kind of represent the data I am working with will be a little bit complex to provide. However, the values in the matrix are all based on measures I created, which are calculated according to the following logic:

ReplacementsTotal = 
var SumReplacements = CALCULATE(SUM(Table[Quantity Total]), FILTER(Table, Table[Investment Type en] = "Replacement"))
IF(SumReplacements = BLANK(), 0, SumReplacements)

I don't know, if this makes any difference in terms of that Power BI is not providing me the "Show items with no data"-option?!


For me, the actual issue I want to solve at the end is that the matrix should not be reduced/limited to only existing data for the different groups, when a filter is set. So I want always the 9 group/rows to be displayed in the maxtrix.


Thanks once again 🙂

Hi @_JoSi_DA,

I suppose the 'show item with no data' feature may not work properly with measure expressions.

Normally it is used to show the blank rows do not have corresponding records and be hidden by power bi automatically.

For this scenario, you and a if statement to check if the current value is included in the range, then add +0 after your expression to force expand the blank records to zero and show in the visual.

Regards, Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
If this post helps, please consider accept as solution to help other members find it more quickly.

Hi @v-shex-msft ,
sorry for my late response. Have not been able to test it earlier.
However adding +0 at the end of CALCULATE did not make the job either, which is suprising for me, since CALCULATE is supposed to overwrite the current filter context of the visual applied in my case by the slicer. But the matrix is still reduced to just the rows/categories, which contain data and obviously even not just 0. Any other solution? Would be really appreciated 🙂
Thanks anyway for your help.


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