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order qty ,order date and stock report- Sap bw

Hi All,

I am already joined to the Power bi world and we have started to get data form SAP BW to combiner order and stock report.


Current data:


Component from BomFinished goodStock IdentifierWarehouse codeStock qtyOrder QtyTotal order of the Fisnished goodDate of Order
151109-TA151109-AI 108522   
151109-TA151109-AI 132823   
151109-TA151109-AIO 634   
151109-TAK51109-AI#108522225687014.07.2023 00:00
151109-TAK51109-AIO2000634300687019.02.2025 00:00
151109-TAK51109-AIO200063445687022.03.2025 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 108522300339427.10.2023 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 108522300339421.11.2023 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 108522300339422.01.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 108522300339420.02.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 108522300339422.03.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/108522300339422.05.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/108522300339422.08.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/108522300339421.09.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 104022300339421.11.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 108522300339422.12.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 108522300339419.02.2025 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 10852294339422.03.2025 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/132823300339427.10.2023 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/132823300339421.11.2023 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/132823300339422.01.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/132823300339420.02.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/132823300339422.03.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/132823300339422.05.2024 00:00
151109-TAY51109-AI 2000/132823300339422.08.2024 00:00


We sould like to convert to like below depends on the finished goods of the smilar components. So I mean 151109-TA is parts of the

K51109-AI and Y51109-AI finsihed goods. So we need to split each stock based on their order qty weight.


So we would like convert like below, can you help me?



Component from BomComponentStock IdentifierWarehouse codeweight of order-rate of the order1085-warehouse quantitiy1328-warehouse quantitiy1040-warehouse quantitiy July AugustSeptemberOctober
K51109-AI151109-TAO1085=3394/6870+3394current stock qty in 1085 warehouse * rate of the ordercurrent stock in warehouse * rate of the ordercurrent stock in warehouse * rate of the order 300120060007000
Y51109-AI151109-TAO1328=6870/6870+3394current stock qty  in 1328 warehouse * rate of the ordercurrent stock in warehouse * rate of the ordercurrent stock in warehouse * rate of the order 300 60007000





Community Support
Community Support

Hi @OzgurKlc ,

Sorry I'm not quite clear about the transform logic "convert depends on the finished goods of the smilar components." and "split each stock based on their order qty weight.". Could you please clarify it based on the sample data.


Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

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