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live account connection

Hi guys,

not sure if I'm doing something wrong..


I'm trying to connect to a web page, that is the result of a search of some invoices.

The webpage request log in with a live account, before to do anything, so when I try to get data to this URL, power bi says it can't log in with the credentials im typing. I tried all the possible escenarios.


There is any limitation with live accounts? Thanks.






What is the site and your live account?


For some applications, though you have to login before accessing the destination page, they're actually token based. I mean your login is to get a valid token and the token is used to access the destination page. This seems called Oath2 Authentication.


e.g. When trying to access a report page in my Power BI, in a browser, I click login and fill username and password in the pop up window and then access to the report.


To access the report page in Power BI Desktop, you'll have to use the "web"->"advanced" and set "Authorization" with valid token value. And then access the page anonymous. Yes, it is anonymous, without any username and password filled as you access report page in a brower.





By the way, isn't there API for your application to getdata? Getting data from a web page is very limited.

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