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how to do trend based on live data

Dear All,


I have live data coming from ERP system into PowerBi. It shows me on daily basis e.g. what is the count of Total Value of Inventory on real time basis. How is it possible for me to capture the total inventory value on daily basis in powerbi and then I can report a trend line on Total Inventory Value on Weekly, Monthly , yearly etc.


Any suggestions will be great.



Helper II
Helper II


Try incremental refresh



Helper V
Helper V

Hi, Your problem is not clear. 


Do you want to show the chart on real time - as in a live chart that changes every minute


Or just a line chart that update on a daily basis 



Sorry, I want to show the historical data.

E.g. Live data showed Inventoy Value $10 on 14 May

Live Data showed Inventory Value $15 on 15 May

Live Data showed Inventory Value $10 on 16 May

Live Data Showed Inventory value $10 on 17 May


I want the data to be captured so I can make a Trend line on Historical Data.

If you can connect to the datasource from it is simple as creating a line chart and setting up a OnPrem gateway to update data on a regular basis.


Whats the data source? Can you connect from Power BI Desktop? Do you have access to a Pro Licence?



Through Oracle.


I think I am unable to explain clearly. As the live data yesterday is not same as today's live data, I am unable to make a trend line.

If you can get the data in below format



You can create below trend graph





Thank you for showing me this.


The challenge is to get data in that format.


As I mentioned I have live data on my Dashboard. The data that was yesterday is already gone and not recorded anywhere. I am unsure on how to record that in powerbi somehow.


E.g. Today's data says $10. Yesterday it was $15. I cant see the value $15 anymore as the data refreshes overnight.


Is there a way where I can record $15 from yesterday somewhhere in the data table so that I can then start making reports / charts.





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Hi @asodhani


I'm experiencing the same problem. I want to show a trend of the live data, but the live data keeps on changing daily.


Have you found a way of doing it? I need help to do this.


My situation: I have live data of open tickets for my team. Everyday, the amount of open tickets keeps changing but my manager wants to see a trend of how many open tickets there are each day. But the data is live, and there is no time stamp. 


 I dont think it is possible wthin Power BI. You have to store the data in a DB or a text files (from the live source with a timestamp) and them iport it into Power BI

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