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gauge table target



So I am using a guage to show a measure, that is realted to a slicer so I can have the value for the day I want.


I want the gauge to use a dynamic target, because the target for each day is different.


I have a table with the target for each day.


But I can't the the gauge to read my table as a target.


The target table is simple: one column with all the dates in a year and another with the target associated to that day.


I want to select a date in the slicer and get in the gauge the target for that date.


Thank you,






Super User
Super User

Haven't tried this in this specific circumstance but you might be able to get there by creating another column "IsToday". Basically (psuedo-code):


IsToday = IF(FORMAT(TODAY(),"Short Date") = [Date],1,0)

Then, filter your gauge or report or page to only show IsToday = 1

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Hi @inescosta,

I try to reproduce using the following sample data table.


Create a slicer including the date field. Create a gauge visualisation, select the actual value as value level, the target field as target value level. You can choose some calculation used to the selected fields, min, max, sum, average. When you select one value in slicer, the min, max, sum, average of the value is same and equals to itself. For example, I use max function. Please see the following screenshot, when I choose different date in slicer, the value and target change automatically.



If this is not what you want, please post sample data for further analysis.

Best Regards,

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