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Resolver I
Resolver I

clear all slicer selection


Is there a way to clear all current selection (kind of go back to the default slicer setting when the report was loaded) with just one action ?

Frequent Visitor

*Shocked* this still doesn't exist as of January 2018.

Also, will be sending an "issue" -- if Microsoft wants to treat it as such -- that if you, on any type of slicer, turn the "Header" off, you lose the "eraser" functionality to clear the selection.

Hey... the best test environment is production, right?

It's nowhere removed in January 2018 update & check the previous month Update step by step. it will work

Ah ah! I was driving myself mad trying to figure out why the eraser for clearing selections came and went seemingly at radom. At least now I have an answer. 

Resolver III
Resolver III

@BIXL Its very easy bro as simple as that take as eraser icon from & insert the image make it very small size. after this enable the bookmark option & add Bookmark without any slicer selected.


Then assign the bookmark name -> select the image > formate image pane >link > enable > Type> bookmark >bookmark >select the namedBookmark



so its very simple > after that place the blank shape > & assign the bookmark so it look good


Revert back if more clarification 



Chetan K 

Hi Chetan, I was able to use this work-around. But stuck with another issue. I have 4 Slicers and 3 What-if Slicers. The regular Slicers are getting CLEARED off, but the What-if slicers are not working as expected. Any work-around for the same...! Regards Shishir

Hi Chetan, Do you any sample to implement this...Please share...thanks...Shishir

@shishir999 I do have. in confidential reports. i will share you once if i get time

Hi Chetan..Did you get a change to find the example file...Please advise...Thanks SG

Thanks, will wait for it... Smiley Happy

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

What an awesome idea and a very nice implementation re: eraser. Sure I have lots of tabs.  It even allows a default set of slicers which, honestly, is even better than clear all in some/many situations.  Thanks all!  Tom

Advocate III
Advocate III

I want to jump in here with a +1 from me.


Some of our reports are designed for exploration by C-level people, digging around looking at different aspects of the data rather than a smaller more predictable set. For this, we have slicers for just about every variable they may want to look at. But with all those slicers, we really need a single click "clear all" option of some kind.



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There is a great workaround using Bookmarks feature, that I implemented recently. Bascially, you just have to create a bookmark, with you default filters (or default view, without any filters/slicers). Insert a shape on that tab, and assign this bookmark to this shape. No matter which filter (page slicers or report fitlers) is selected or enabled, Clicking on this shape will call the bookmark, which had no filters.


Let me know if this helps.

Hi @Anonymous,
This is a very nice workaround for single sheet report. Otherwise you need to create a different bookmark for each sheet which is not so pragmatic.
Pbi team should add this functionality as it is a basic one.
Still very nice workaround.

possible to share the example of the pbix file?

Helper III
Helper III

Has this been changed? I used to see the little eraser icon on all slicer selections but now it seems to be gone. They fixed the dissapearing search box in the latest update, has a new problem with the clear button appeared in its place? And now in the desktop I can't figure out how to switch a slicer from a dropdown to a list... It was obvious just a week ago. Am I missing something?




Hi @jessewysong,
If you disable the Header field from the Format Painter section under the Visualizations pane then the "Clear Selections" and the small icon to convert slicer visual into a drop-down list or simple list & vice-versa disappears. So enable it and you'll find both the options.  
I've highlighted the part where the options appear and the Header section which you need to enable.

Enable Header switch for Slicer VisualEnable Header switch for Slicer Visual





Hi all,

It seems like if I remove the header option, the dropdown vs. list and erase all current selection options dissapear. Super bummer, I have ~ 30 slicers that use title instead of Header to describe whats in them. 






Frequent Visitor

Has anyone figured a way to clear all slicers in the Power BI Desktop?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@uzmaa I have not--the closest thing I've seen is the hierarchy slicer (visual gallery) which can be configured to at least have "multiple" slicers in one if you're lucky enough to need slicers organized that way.  

Advocate II
Advocate II

I'm also looking for this one click to clear all the selection from various slicers in Power BI Desktop. Instead of going through each of the slicer to click clear button.


Thus anyone has the solution to this?

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@NH what did you end up doing on this?  It's an important question.  Thanks, Tom

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