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cannnot show line chart over years



Tried to show line chart year over years but showing separate months. 


Below is my data table, generated using 

Date = Calendarauto()
Month & year are in Text format. 



When I did with simple trial (generated all in excel) , I could do what I want. But not sure why it does not work on full data model. 





Please advise. 


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When I changed data format in Month column as below, showing integer (after changing to whole number), not Text format, I now can see gragh i wanted.

However, how can i show x-axis column in Jan, Feb .... Not 1,2 ... ?






This seems to be very odd if changing your format solves the problem.
I would still create a new column with MMMM format and use your integer month column for sorting by. Just click on a new MMMM and change sort by option.

In case you would still have problems with the X axis, please share some sample or additional printscreens.


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Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous ,

Can you also show, which fields you use and how in the visual?
If you want to see the outcome as you have on lowest picture, you need to do following:
1. Put values in Y axis
2. Put Months in X axis
3. Put Year in Legend.

This should work fine.

If my answer was helpful please give me a Kudos or even accept as a Solution.

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Thats how i did for both first and second grapshs. But somehow first graph does not show like second one. 

Is something wrong with date model ?

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