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can’t not display the visual - after latest release - July 2016 Update - 2.37.4464.602 (PBIDesktop)

Hi all,


I have a question to you about an error that occur after the latest release of power bi desktop (the july releae)


The situation is the following:


We have a simple straight table but with over 400 000 entries we read weekly into power bi desktop to be able to see different types of statistics.

The table we collect data from contains no relationships.

Everything has worked very well until we did an update of the power bi desktop (July 2016 Update - 2.37.4464.602 (PBIDesktop)).


After this update, we get some error message that some of our components in our reports "can’t not display the visual"

Details of the error description provides the following:


"Error Message:

The question Referred to the column LocalDateTable_8d79b86e-8546-476b-B1ca-88fec159bee7 [Year] That Depend on another column, a relationship or a measure That is not in a valid state.

Invocation Stack Trace:

Error Code:


OData Error Message:

Failed to execute the query. "


When I have tried to make a clean new report based on the same table, it will not work either, and we get the same error message.


I've found that the error occur If I choose to make a database connection and run the import query against the database.

If I use the same data source but choose to build the report with a “direct query” everything works as it should excepts that I don’t get the benefits of an imported table in power bi.


The column power bi complains on is a common time column, ie, a registered date and time.

We have tested the following:

- Uninstall power bi and install the new version

- Empty the cache and loaded up the table again

- We have verified that power bi not find any relationships in the table

- Tried to test an older version (on another computer) and see if we can read the same report without the same issues. Unfortunately, you can not move back an already opened file in the new version in power bi-

- We have "cleared the rights to the database" and uploaded again


Unfortunately, none of the above things worked.

New reports works if you use “direct query” on the same data table and column, but not if you choose to do an import.


No changes have occurred with the data sources - change is the new version of Power bi desktop.


Do any of you have any advice? We are very dependent on these statistics for our company's contemporary development.

Thanks in advance



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @Per-Erik,

Could you please share sample data of your column? Have you used Format function to change the time column data type? Please check the data type of the time column under the Modeling tab when you create visual.

Lydia Zhang

Community Support Team _ Lydia Zhang
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

I only receive the error when I try to use the field as a Date Hierarchy, which is what I require.


I have not used the Format function to change the date column data type. It was automatically detected as a date field. The original field is not a calculated field,it is hardcoded in the the database in the yyyy-mm-dd format; however, PowerBI changed the format from yyyy-mm-dd to DayofWeek, Month, Day, Year. It doesn't matter if I change it back to the original format, or leave it as the autodetected Date format I still receive an error.


Error Message:

The query referenced column 'LocalDateTable_ef1e97aa-746a-4493-934c-ccb3377d2935'[Year] which depends on another column, relationship or measure that is not in a valid state.

Stack Trace:
Invocation Stack Trace:
Activity ID
Time Thu Aug 18 2016 13:28:27 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
Version 2.37.4464.602 (PBIDesktop)
Error Code
OData Error Message
Failed to execute the query.



Not trying to hijack the thread but it appears we are getting the same error, and both after the recent update.

Hello and excuse my late reply.

Other duties prevented me to respond faster.


I have exactly the same error as "PowerOfLove '(same error) in exactly the same type of table (the same type of data) and I need to use the datehiarcy function.
PowerOfLoves Table column contains the same type of data as my, and it's when you turn on datumheriarky which the error occurs. No formatting is used.


The sole purpose of this view in my case is to be able to sort of year in one component and the other on the month. Has worked just fine in six months connects but after recent update, you get this error. As for "powerOfLove" works when you turn off the date hierarchy but turn to this again it will not work.

I will post more pictures and data when I'm back at work tomorrow. But it looks like we have just the same table data that stopped working.


PowerOfLove, it's great that you can help me withexplaining the problem. It looks just like we get the exact same error.


I hope we can find a solution to this error together.


/ Per-Erik



Post some pictures from our report and data, and additional tests performed.


Yesterday we tested the latest power bi installation again on a totally clean computer only to see if there were left fragments of local files for power bi desktop that preventet us frpm get right views working correct. As i write earlier in my post, everything works correct if you use a direct quary, I wondered if local files on my computer (not cleared from the unistallation) caused the error. Unfortunately, the same results.


Today we tested to read the same data (imports) in a new report and remove all data exapt that particular column, we can not display (just to be sure that no other data could interfere) . We use no formatting and no calculations. Clean data stored in the database (which worked well before).


If you choose to turn off the visual components date-hierarchy it works, but then it becomes all 400,000 entries. We want to have it as before, ie that you can make a choice on the year and then get all the data presented.


The error message in view-panelThe error message in view-paneldetailed error message (in Swedish :))detailed error message (in Swedish :))The data columnThe data columnIf you change the setting and turn off date hierarchyIf you change the setting and turn off date hierarchyIt works but you get 400 000 postsIt works but you get 400 000 posts


Best regards Per-Erik




I is there any one else than "powerOfLove" and me that encountered the same problem? I have over 90 reports based on the this date/time column, which stopped working in after uppgrading to July update of power bi desktop. The reports have been worked before the upgrade. Our business is waiting for monthly reports and there seems to be no solution to what I think should be a simple solution to fix. It is a bit stressful

Unfortunately, one can not go back to an older version of power bi desktop. Once you have upgraded to a new version you upgraded the project file and you can not run an older version. I did unfortunately do no backup on power bi desktop project file and there is no any older version of Power bi available to download.




Frequent Visitor

Similar issue -  Data is also date/time based. Frustrating thing for me is that it works in Desktop, but is broken in on-line/embedded reports. 


These reports have been live to the business for a few months and while not very stable, when they go down they usually correct after another data cyle or 2 without intervention. 





Same problem here.


Error Code:


Product Version:
2.40.4554.463 (PBIDesktop) (x64)

October, 2016


Error Message:
Couldn't retrieve the data for this visual. Please try again later.


Installed new version and getting no Visuals now. I tried with all kind of data (DB/ FILE/ Local Table). Cleared cache, re-installed. Still no luck!



By any chance, did you get a resolution?



Regular Visitor

Same exact problem here Per-Erik.


I can not use the Date Hierarchy on a Date field.


I get a very similar error to


The question Referred to the column LocalDateTable_8d79b86e-8546-476b-B1ca-88fec159bee7 [Year] That Depend on another column, a relationship or a measure That is not in a valid state.


Come on Microsoft... you broke it.

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