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bad IL range

im getting a message of "DataSource.Error: An error happened while reading data from the provider: 'Bad IL range.'" on a project that up till today had been working just fine. I havent made any changes to any of the querys but none of them work now. 

New Member

Ive reinstalled everything from the mysql connector to doing a fresh install of power bi desktop and i still cannot get past this error can anyone please help me out with this?


Hi @tek2hd,


Base on my research, the error is thrown when an assembly is corrupted, and there could be many and various reasons for this to happen: viruses, hardware failure, software bugs or a wrong action taken by the user.


We can't do much about that, if the problem persists I would suggest you to reinstall the newest version of Power BI Desktop or .NET Framework to see if it works.Smiley Happy



Community Champion
Community Champion

Although this would become too technical for me: I just searched for the error message and got a lot of hits, including


So I would expect the cause of the error being somewehere at your data source and not in the queries.

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