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YTD and PYTD measure does not work with full months

I am trying to calculate YTD and PYTD measures.

As I want to show full months only, today my visual for YTD should end with the values by end of February 2024 and for PYTD with the values by end of February 2023...However, with the formula that I used it does not work as expected. So, the current month should be surpressed... What do I need to adjust in order to filter out the current month with the DAX below?
My formula is as follows:

IO YTD CY (full month) =

VAR max_date =
    MAX('Date Table (Ref Transaction Date)'[Date]),
    FILTER(ALL('Date Table (Ref Transaction Date)'), 'Date Table (Ref Transaction Date)'[Order date < TODAY()]))


    SUM(SALES_DATA[F GC / Sales Order Net Amount]),
    'Date Table (Ref Transaction Date)'[Date],
    'Date Table (Ref Transaction Date)'[Date] <= EOMONTH(max_date,-1))
This is the original proposal that I tried to adapt for my purpose...
Super User
Super User


Do these measures work?

Measure = calculate(SUM(SALES_DATA[F GC / Sales Order Net Amount]),datesbetween(calendar[date],date(year(today()),1,1),eomonth(today(),-1)))

Measure1 = calculate([measure],sameperiodlastyear(calendar[date],"31/12"))

If not, then share the download link of the PBI file and show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur
Super User
Super User

Please provide sample data that covers your issue or question completely, in a usable format (not as a screenshot).

Do not include sensitive information or anything not related to the issue or question.

If you are unsure how to upload data please refer to

Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

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