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Helper I
Helper I

YTD Attrition

I'm trying to figure out a formula that will generate the YTD attrition, but that catch is the numbers must come from the employee list that i have. the excel report has employee ID, date of join and date of separation columns. i was able to generate the monthly attrition %, but this time the YTD needs to refer to the opening headcount of my fiscal year, which is april XXXX


Here's the formula.

YTD % = Total Separations from April to the selected slicer (for example Oct 2023) / Average of Opening Headcount of April and Closing Headcount of Oct 2023).


for now i need the DAX for Total Separations from April to the selected slicer (for example Oct 2023) and Opening Headcount of April

Helper I
Helper I

I asked chat GPT to generate the total separations based from my Fiscal Year (2024), but I can't get any numbers. here's my formula. This is from a post here and I tweak a bit of it based on my understanding. but still I cant produce the result I need. 


Filters: Fiscal Year of 2024


Total Separations =
VAR _min_date = MINX(ALL('Date'), 'Date'[Date])
VAR _Expression =
    IF (
        ISFILTERED('Date'[Fiscal Year]),
        MAXX('Date', STARTOFMONTH(DATEADD('Date'[Date], 3 - MONTH('Date'[Date]), MONTH))),
        MAXX('Date', DATE(YEAR(MAX('Date'[Date])), 4, 1))

        COUNTX (
            FILTER (
                'Table 1 (Employee List)',
                'Table 1 (Employee List)'[Effective Date of Seperation] >= _Expression
                    && 'Table 1 (Employee List)'[Effective Date of Seperation] <= _min_date
            'Table 1 (Employee List)'[Local Emp ID]
        CROSSFILTER('Table 1 (Employee List)'[Effective Date of Seperation], 'Date'[Date], None)

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