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Y Axis and Log Scale

Is there a way to reflect multiple values on the y axis? For example, I want to plot a line graph for the amount of of clicks and impressions (which is in the hundreds and thousands) along with our Conversion rate (e.g. 2%). When plotting the clicks and impressions with a % in the same graph, my Conversion rate line is almost invisible/flat because it's so small. I am already using the Log scale. I tried changing the display (thousands, billions) but it did not change my graph at all.
Is there another method so I can see my data more proportionally?


This is a much needed feature.  I'd like to see this come down the pipe relatively soon.



If you go the formatting brush you can then select the Log from the dropdown on axis Scale Type.


Would this work?





@jewelry Yes you can have a secondary Y-Axis


See my response here =>

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

In excel you can specify a second axis to get around this problem, I dont think PBI has this functionality yet though.


One workaround (and its not the greatest) would be to create a second seperate chart and overlay it on top off the first. If you turn off the background and labels etc you can get it to show just the line


Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor


2 lines is not possible, but combination of line and column is possible: "Line and cluster column chart" is the answer. It's one of the newer standard-charts:


Especially in Power BI I advise you NOT TO overlay charts. Pure mess, trust me. 😮


@Bjoern agree with the sentiment of not overlaying, I was scraping the barrel for a solution as when I looked at the visualisation you suggested I couldn't see a way to adust the two seperate y axis independantly so assumed the same scaling issues.


Would love MS to add duel Axis and also option to invert axis for rankings etc where 1 needs to be at the top.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Yes, truely, the options would be unlimited. I am still dreaming of a "dynamic" axis which can be cut off dynamically, e.g. just showing an interval between 50 and 100 based on the values. Would be the same like the min() max() functions, which can be used in excel. By doing this, charts could be combined etc ... ah, imagine the possibilities.

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