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When is a relationship not a relationship?

Evening everyone.
I know it is Sunday but i have been trying to figure this out for the past few hours with no avail, as such i need your help!
I have created a dashboard in which i have two primary sources of data, a folder with multiple excel file (Not by choice it is what i get sent) and a single excel files that is used by multiple people.

The first lot of data tells me how many repeat calls a call centre has had come back in within 24 hours of the first interaction.

The second lot, the single excel file, is the same call data but with two an added column to provide feedback on call back reason.

This is how the relationship looks in powerBi

I created a leadership table and then i have the two lots of data both of which are connected using a 1 to many relationship via team manager.


The problme is when i try to create a table to complare two values, the calls in and the amount reviewed the results just give an overall total for each employee. See below


For love nor money i cannot get this relationship to work. I even tried doing this as two cards, one with call back and one with reviews but the slicer didn't affect reviews.
Any suggestions, i have tried everything short of ritual sacrifice and still it doens't work.
FYI i know it will be something simple but i am new and still learning.

Any help will be greatly appreicated and hopefully paid back at some point.


Thank you in advance

Super User
Super User

Hi @Memphis28 

[Agent] from which table?

Both the Data Dump table and the Onshore table have a list of agents in a column with the appropriate Team Manager next to them

Data Dump






Community Champion
Community Champion

I would wager it is working perfectly, though I'm not sure what you are expecting to see...

Can you share non-confidential data or a link to a non-confidential PBIX file and a depiction of the expeted outcome please?

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In doing so, you are also helping me. Thank you!

Proud to be a Super User!
Paul on Linkedin.

Thanks for the reply, it may be a bit or a pain to make the data truly confidential but i will try create some fake excel files that it can look at instead of the corporate stuff and edit any names of tables etc. Will likely be tomorrow night now though..


Thanks in advance

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