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Weighted Average Held By Constant Weight

Hello all, I'm attempting to compare two values of Weighted Average Price over a pre and post date set. The formulas I currenlty have are setup like:


Post Period Weighted Avg: sumx(table, quantity * price)/sum(quantity)

Pre Period Weighted Avg: calculate('formula above', all(postdatetable),userelationship(table,predatetable)


The quantity in the post period needs to be held to the same constant value as the pre period quantity. when I attempt to use something like:


Constant WAP: sumx(PostPeriodWAP*calculate(sum(quantity),all(postdatetable),userelationship(table,predatetable)))/calculate(sum(quantity),all(postdatetable),userelationship(table,predatetable))


I get some crazy numbers. How do I go about holding this pre-period constant? The pre period is set to a slicer value to allow the end user to custom set their pre and post period. 

Community Support
Community Support

HI @jbradley16,


I can't understand your formula, can you please explain more about these with some sample data and expected result?


If you mean nested measures, you can try to use below formula if it suitable for your requirement:


Pre Period Weighted Avg =
VAR temp =
    SUMX ( ALLSELECTED ( table ), [quantity] * [price] )
        / SUM ( table[quantity] )
        ALL ( postdatetable ),
        USERELATIONSHIP ( table[date], predatetable[date] )

Constant WAP =
VAR temp =
SUM ( table[quantity] ),
ALL ( postdatetable ),
USERELATIONSHIP ( table[date], predatetable[date] )
SUMX ( ALLSELECTED ( table ), [Pre Period Weighted Avg] * temp )
/ temp



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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