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Visualizing Range by Layer in PowerBI Desktop

I have a PowerBI report with the following inputs for each report that is registered in the dataset:

*Unique ReportID number*From meter marker, given as a numerical value from 0 to 5000
*To meter marker, given as a numerical value from 0 to 5000
*Layer, given as the following values: "1", "2", "3" or "Random"

I want to visualize this. I want the range for each layer on each report visualized, per layer. The ranges shouldnt be summed, but each individual range should be visible.

For example (See image attachment), if I have 3 reports for "Layer 1", with the range meter marker 100-300, meter marker 1000-1200 and meter marker 1500-2200, then each of these ranges should be visible as bars along their respective ranges on the X-axis which stretches from 0 to 5000. Not summed into one range.


Layer 2, 3, etc would of course be on their own lines under Layer 1. 
The point is it make it easy to see when all 3 layers are completed on a section., 


What is the best way to tackle this in BI Desktop?

Thanks in advance!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

This seems like a variation of a gantt chart (with a numeric axis instead of date). I would check those visuals first. If not, you could always make it with Deneb (modify the Deneb gantt shown in this video or build from scratch).



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Thanks for the response Pat,


I have fiddled around Gantts trying to solve this, but the way it treats each report as a new line following the x-axis makes it unusable.


I may have 30 reports on Layer-1 in the range 1000-2000, so I end up with a huge section of the Y-axis dedicated to visualizing all the reports.  

Then the same goed fo rthe layer 2 and layer 3 in the same range. 

It gets so buily out along the y-axis that you can no longer visually keep track of which sections have a complete 3 layers.

That's why I need to lock all of the layers to a single line along the x-axis, per layer. 

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