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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

VLOOKUP in M / Power Querie

Hi, I need to do a VLOOKUP in M / Power query.


Although I found some references via Google and this forum, I can't figure out, how the formula should look like, although it shouldn't be that difficult.


Both Tables consist of mulitple columns but I only references the ones that are relevant.


Table 1: Top3

Column 1: CombineForRanking


Table2: Top3 Average

Column 1: CombineForRanking

Column 2: Average


In Table 1, I want to add a new column, which looks for the row value of column "CombineForRanking", and if it finds the same value in Table2Column1 (Top3 Average - CombineForRanking) it should return the value of column Average.


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You can call me stupid (might be the warm weather?) but I just didn't make the link that merging columns was meant the same as merging queries.

This did the job.

For other users with this problem, when you check the link, don't click away because it starts in excel, it goes over to Power Bi / Pwer Querie.

Post Partisan
Post Partisan

@amitchandak, thanks for your reply.


I had already looked at the eriksvensen link, but it doesn't make sense to me.


Call me stupid, but somewhere I'm doing something wrong.


With above 2 tables and 3 columns, can you explain in simple english which steps I need to take?


I just want my Table 1 (which has tens of columns and thousands of rows) expanded with 1 column, coming from Table2.


I see so many questions about VLOOKUP in Power Query / M, that I can't believe there is not an easy way to do this, like you can do in excel.

Super User
Super User

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