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Helper I

User Input


I have a 'Is it possible?' question. Question edited after I was told that PowerBI currently does not support user inputs.


I have a table like below:

Daily Returns - Table 1 

Date                                 AAA             AA                     A                        BBB                    BB                      B                      HY                 


There is also a table like below:

Betas - Table 2

Betas                       AAA      AA          A              BBB             BB                    B                   


Now, I want to provide the user with an option to select a beta for each field using a slicer option on the dashboard for each field.


Next, I want to have a calculated table as below:

where each cell is calculated using the following example:

Red highlighted cell = AAA Daily Return - AAA Beta (value selected by the user in the slicer) * HY Daily Return (Daily Returns for the corresponding dates)


Beta Adjusted Daily Returns - Table 3

Date                            AAA                AA                    A                           BBB                   BB                    B                         


And I will have another calculated table:

where each cell is calculated as sum of beta adjusted daily returns till that particular date

Beta Adjusted Cumulative Returns - Table 4

Date                          AAA                       AA                      A                        BBB                   BB                        B                    



Now, making all of this is simple enough. But the catch is, I need the Beta table to be an user input in slicer form such that the user selects the values of the betas for different parameters which then calculates Tables 3 and 4 and displays them in a visual.


To summarize:

1. Table 1 is raw data available from the source.

2. Table 2 needs to be an user selection from a dashboard slicer.

3. Tables 3 and 4 will be calculated using Table 1 and user-selected values in Table 2.


How can I make this possible in a PowerBI report? Need to understand how Table 3 will be created/coded in particular.


Will be really grateful if someone could help me figure this out! Thanks a ton.

Helper I
Helper I

@v-yalanwu-msft Is there a way to do this? I think there is a DAX formula but I am not able to implement it properly.

Helper I
Helper I

Thank you, I have modified my question basis your answer. Please help me with the above.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage



it's not possible for end user to give an input to the tables directly in Power BI. You can create a form or an excel, where someone will be providing numbers and they will be importing into Power BI as a Betas - Table 2. Power BI can create a Table 3 & 4 based on this table 1 & 2, but Table 2 needs to be an external source to save the numbers from the user.

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