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User Input Date in DAX column in POWER BI

I am trying to create a column in Power BI to group the rows of that data on. I want the column to output text based on a comparison of dates.

Example: projected = if(staticdate1 > dynamicdate, "XX", if(staticdate1 < dynamicdate && staticdate2 > dynamicdate, "YY", .... )

The dynamicdate presumably would be a filter or slicer the user could click a date on, thus changing the output of the column, and the totals per output would also change.

Is this possible? I've tried SELECTEDVALUE() but that didn't work. I tried creating a "what-if" parameter and adding that to a static date, but that didn't change anything when I changed the parameter.

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Super User


Calculated column formulas do not respond to a change in slicers.  Please describe the question, share some data and show the expected result. 

Ashish Mathur

I am trying to create a column in DAX that responds to a date parameter that the user can define. The output would be text like is shown in the Example i gave, and that result should change if the date chosen by the user changes. 

Calculated columns do not work that way.  Read my previous reply.

Ashish Mathur

Thank you


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