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Use a measure in a visual advanced filter "contains" to filter when a variable contains the measure


I have a visual showing curves [hour-value] of multiple flows between two places, meaning I have as many curves as flows. Each flow has a name "origin-destination", each origin and destination being a place.

We can say that m table flow have the attributes flow[origin-destination], flow[value] and flow[hour].

Then I created a segment to filter on a place. The segment allows the user to select any place[name]. I get the selected value (the selected place) in a measure using the formula : selected_place = SELECTEDVALUE(place[name])

Now I want to filter my visual to only displays the curves for which flow[origin-destination] contains selected_destination. I tried to use the visual advanced filter "text contains" and fill it with [selected_destination] but it doesn't work.

Any workaround?

Thanks by advance!

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@etiennes69 , check if text filter can help

Text Filter Slicer and how to search on Multiple columns:

Hi, text filter allows me to filter on the text but now I would need to automatically fill the text filter with the selected place in the segment (= automatically fill the text filter with a measure). Doable?

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