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Helper I
Helper I

Url Filter with existing slicer in Power BI report

Hi All,


I have a report which is created with a slicer. Now there is a requirement where this report is called from a web application. I have used Url passing with filter parameter. The parameter is again the same value from the slicer which is there on the report. Hence the url is not filtering the report with required slicer value. 


For example, my report is having ticket number as slicer. From a web application this report is called with a ticket number as filter parameter in url. Hence expectation is that when report is redirected from webpage, it should get filtered with passed ticket number. But it is not happening as expected. 


Please help me to solve this issue if anyone faced similar issue.



Rajesh S Hegde

Super User
Super User

@hegdecisco86 , can share a sample URL you are using ?

Hi @amitchandak ,


Below is the sample url Name/Column Name eq 'Value'


In my report, I have a home page. In that user will select the ticket number. I have enabled Sync Slicers. Hence all other pages will get filtered with selected ticket number. I doubt, because of this Sync Slicers, url paramter action is not working.



Rajesh S Hegde

@hegdecisco86 , few things to check.

1. Report is not having saved with some ticket number at slicer, visual, page, or report level.

May be at drilled page

2. Clear browser cache and check

Super User
Super User

@hegdecisco86 , Are you using this method, Not very clear from your description?


See if the above can help

Yes, I am using this methid only. But it is not working when used with url.

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