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Unifying 2 Charts

Hey guys, i've been using and learning powerbi and powerquery for a few days now and i got into a no way out situation, at the moment i'm working with a base of TI incidents which is used to make a weekly dashboard, some of the charts i'm needed to make are very simple, for example, a pie chart showing the priority of all the incidents, or a bar one sorting out the incidents by system, all of these informations and dashboards were previously made on excel using basic functions, but one of these graphs is showing to be very tricky to port: 




(i've put random numbers that do not reflect the reality to take this screenshot)


It's basicaly a bar chart with 3 informations, the axis y shows the number of incidents, and the axis x the last 12 months, the yellow bar indicates how many incidents were open that month, the green one how many were closed that month (even if they've been open in a previous month) and the red floating point shows the quantity of open incidents at that month, for this to work we used to make 2 new columns in our base, one called month of creation which would take only the month and year that the incident was open, and the other one called month of resolution in this one if the incident was already closed it would take only the month and year from the close date, if it was still open, it would be filled with a future date as placeholder, for example (202501).


With these two new columns, we would have in another excel folder the following table: 




The open column would have a COUNTIFS, counting how many lines the month of creation matching with the month cell.

The closed column would have a COUNTIFS, counting how many lines the month of resolution matching with the month cell.

The backlog column would have a COUNTIFS, counting how many lines in month of creation were below the month cell and at the same time how many lines in month of resolution were over the month cell, thus, getting the incidents still open that month.


Now, finally in powerbi and powerquery, i made in powerquery a step that created 2 new columns to my base exactily like the month of creation and month of resolution ones but i cant make a chart containing both of them like i used to do in excel, i can make 2 of them, one for the open incidents (month of creation at the x axis and a measure that calculates all the base lines, thus getting the total number of incidents on the y axis) that month and one for the closed incidents (month of resolution at the x axis and a measure that calculates all the base lines, thus getting the total number of incidents on the y axis), but i cant seem to find a way to make just one graph with these 2 infos, also, i cant get a way to show the backlog ones, as they are with a 2030 date as placeholdes, thus, not being able to apear in my Chart.


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