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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Unexpected error; Evaluation was canceled



For 3 months I have been plagued by the error "Unexpected error: Evaluation was canceled".  This costs me between 2-4 hours in an 8 hour workday going through each query selecting the query and selecting refresh preview.


-This happens in multiple data sources including Analysis Services, SQL, and Excel

-I have cleared the permissions with no luck

-I have 20+ queries in the Query Editor and none of them can be removed;they are all essential to the model

-My PBI models range from 8KB-169,000KB in size

-I am not able to provide a sample file to replicate the data but rest assured I have the issue at least 10+ PBI desktop files

-I am working on the PBI Desktop; I am not really interested in building on the web because I feel like this is a separate issue

-I have updated the settings to not download background data and I have also disableed the parallel loading of tables

-I have cleared the cache

-I have disabled the load of queries that are needed in the query editor but are not needed in the model


Is there anyone out there that can save me from the wasted time of clicking through each query just to get a query to refresh (keeping in mind the query refreshed completely in less than 5 minutes as of December 2019).


Appreciate any specific steps that I have not detailed above 🙂 




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The best solution is :  I seperated database in 2 queries. 1) which data remain same and did not change  (remove data refresh) 2) small amout data of data which refresh daily. And I append queries . so run smoothly and fast. Let me know if you have any questions

Helper I
Helper I

Yes, my nightmare is over. Weeks later, after rebuilding the Pbix more effeicently with the same result.

The Fix: I doubled my RAM to 16GB. Sorted.

While my Pbix file was only about 80mb and 1GB is the max for our licence;  it does have about 20 Exel source files, and over 70 queries including helper queries to aggregate SharePoint folder files. I also use a couple of Dataflows. Use of Excel files appears to kill the RAM. If we could link via SQL or other database I don't think we would have had this probelm. 

Try it - give access to a colleague with the same credentials and more RAM, see if they can refresh without issue. 

Regards Kevin


Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @alicia_pbi 


I've recently been getting this exact same problem and it's a nightmare! Have you heard anything back about a solution? 


Many thanks,



Helper I
Helper I

Hello @alicia_pbi 


I share your pain. For the past couple of weeks this probelm has intensified for me. It is months since you reported the issue. Is there still no resolution?




Regular Visitor

Hi @alicia_pbi  , 

I had facing the same issue and I solved this issue in this way: 

  1. Go to Transform data;
  2. Go to Data Source settings -> Data source in current file -> Edit premissions;
  3. Edit Credentials and sign in as different user (the same user it was before...) and save and close;
  4. Try to refresh preview and check if the error still appear.

For me this helped.


Helper III
Helper III

Hello @alicia_pbi ,


Did you have any luck with your ticket, did they answer to you?

Sadly this issue is still ongoing for me and I guess many more...



Not applicable

I created ticket. Even Microsoft not able to solve this issue. So one report I have to do manual refresh everyday 

Regular Visitor

I have the same issue. it has started when I refreshed data table and it got suspended for an hour with message "evaluating". I canceled the refresh and tried again, then it worked. but later when I had to update one of the information tables and went to the editor, all queries have this error "evaluation was cacelled" and exclamationmark and I even cannot edit them (the preview is not loaded dueto error). When I press retry button, query gets suspended for hours and I have to cacel  it.

I am not sure how to solve it. queries can be refreshed without opening, but one source had been changed for one of the information tables (added columns) and I need to change a query so it could be refreshed, and it does not work

Not applicable

Hello Jennie,


Hope you doing well!.


1) Option & Setting - Option - Data Load - Clear cache

2) I have mysql query and it was long and critical query so I updated query and make little bit efficient so now is working very well. 


Sometime database side is not enough space (hit too many cost) then we will get issue. After updating my query working well. 


Best Regards,



Not applicable

I have 15 reports from SQL and Salesfoce. After one year I received same error. Look like there is no solution. I created support ticket today. I will update soon. Highly disappointed. 

Did you ever find a solution? I'm experiencing the same issue and going through and refreshing the 18 queries in my report is frustrating and time consuming. Expecially now today one of my queries hangs and won't refresh at all. 

@anthonylohI have not found a solution.  It seems to be more frequent in my large queries but that is all I have identified.  Best of luck and if you find something please share!

Not applicable

Hello Alicia,


I resolved my issue for Unexpected error; Evaluation was canceled. I found out my the database side (cloud) not enough spance that is the reason I received error. My IT team increase the cpu space and work very well. I also improve my query for perfomance. 


Hope this direction will help you. 


Best Regards,



@Anonymous  Thanks for the feedback.  I can use this information to address one of my reports.  However another is not using a separate database but instead has Excel as the data source.  The Excel is saved to my OneDrive which is no where near capacity.


Thanks so much for sharing your experience as this issue seems to be impacting many many users 🙂



Hi @alicia_pbi ,


I think we already crossed some comments in another post (about the same issue). To me this started happening exactly with the release of May Update. I couldn't find a solution, not even going to the Query and refreshing one by one would solve it. 


What I did was to download an older version (March in this case) and works normally. I am not sure for how long I can stay with an older version but is the only thing I could do. Meanwhile I just hope that with further updates this issue won't happen again. 


I am emailing with some support of Microsoft and they asked me to write a post here...😓. I will refer them to your post as it's the exact same problem.


If you get any update from your ticket please give us the heads up about it.


Thanks a lot,


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @alicia_pbi,

Sorry I can't reproduce your problem. According to the information I searched, this problem may be caused by disabling the option "Allow data preview to download data in the background". Could you please check this option setting in your side? (In Power BI Desktop, select File > Options and settings > Options, and then select the Data Load page)

background preview.JPG

In addition, hope the following documentations will help you.


Best Regards


Community Support Team _ Rena
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Thanks @v-yiruan-msft !  However when I first started having the issues I deselected that option.  It seems that I have the issue regardless of the background refresh.

Hi @alicia_pbi ,

Sorry I haven't found a suitable solution so far. There is one workaround : select the failed queries about Query Editor and hit the Retry button after researched. Maybe you can create a support ticket ask for help.

Support Ticket.gif

Best Regards


Community Support Team _ Rena
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.
Super User
Super User

Seems like there have been lots of issues of late with data refresh in the Service. My guess is Temporary Service Insanity Syndrome (TSIS), which happens from time to time. You may have been caught up in that.


You could check the Issues forum here:

And if it is not there, then you could post it.

If you have Pro account you could try to open a support ticket. If you have a Pro account it is free. Go to Scroll down and click "CREATE SUPPORT TICKET".

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