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Unexpected error: Evaluation was canceled



I have always have this error message "Unexpected error: Evaluation was canceled." when I refreshed my queries. Sometimes I have to go applied steps to click on each steps for the refresh process. There were also times that the data had been refreshed earlier in the query, but after sometime it will repeat the refresh automatically without me doing any changes or new query to the table. This refresh processes consumed few hours. Is there any way that I can do to shorten the refresh time or avoid the same table being refreshed from time to time as my table only update once a week.

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Hi all,


I still face this issue unfortunately. I updated to the most recent version of Power BI and I tried all the above mentioned solutions. However, I still get the mention: "Unexpected error: Evaluation was cancelled" in my Query Editor in about a third of my tables. Clicking trough all the seperate steps of the Querys solves the problem, but this takes a lot of time! Please help and provide a solution!



Has anyone been able to resolve this?  I have tried to check and uncheck the backgroud preview, I have cleared the cache, I have tried in both the desktop program & PC app.  It is not just cosmetic because my refreshes fail as a result of the queries that experience this issue.  And when I go in to resolve them by walking through steps, I fix 2 queries and another one then fails.  I am pulling data from SQL and have many queries as a result of complex calculations and builds.  It seems to be a larger issue when I use the MERGE option however that is now always the case.  At this point it is a complete work stoppage and I am wondering if the only option is to discontinue using Power BI?

Hello there,


Any news about this? It started to happen to me after May update last Thursday. Impossible to do any workaround to make it work. Have you managed @alicia_pbi ?


I am getting desparate 😞 

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Hello there, 


I had facing the same issue.I solved this issue in that way: 
 1) Go to Data Source settings -> Data source in current file -> Clear all premissions;

 2) Go to Global permissions -> Clear all premissions;


 3) Connect again to the source of your data; 


4) Try to refresh all and go to transform data to check if the error still appear.


Let me know if that worked for you.


Thanks @Anonymous ,


Unfortunately it didn't work in my case 😞



Hi @alan7lp , 

I had facing the same issue and I solved this issue in this way: 

  1. Go to Transform data;
  2. Go to Data Source settings -> Data source in current file -> Edit premissions;
  3. Edit Credentials and sign in as different user (the same user it was before...) and save and close;
  4. Try to refresh preview and check if the error still appear.

For me this helped.


Hello @Larsonski ,


I tried this before but it didn't work. It seems something changed with July's version because I tried again as you described and finally works! I have been working with the version of Feb-20 because anyone from March it wouldn´t refresh anymore.


Thanks a lot! 🙂 Happy that I will be able to use all the new features again!


@alan7lp  I do not have a real solution but this issue popped up again with vengance about 2 weeks ago.  The only thing that seemed to help (not resolve but at least reduce the time to refresh the query in the query editor to resolve the !) was to clear the cache.  I am not sure if there is any correlation to me doing that and the error resolving in less time but worth a try maybe?


1. Access the FILE ribbon from the PBI Desktop

2. Choose Options and settings > Options

3. Data Load > Clear Cache 


After this I generally close all PBIs and do a restart on my computer (probably overkill but just want to make sure).  Hope this provides some relief 😀


PBI Clear Cache.PNG

I am fairly new to Power BI and was having a torrid time with this issue and looked around to see if could find anything to resolve my problem.  I found the following articles seems to do the trick:


For some reason this option was disabled (I must of clicked it off at some point).  I think what was happening is that each time I clicked on a power query it would take time to refresh the view.  I have some fairly hefty queries.  If I got impatient and clicked another query then I would get this error.


You may have to do a full refresh to clear out the yellow warnings.


I can put up with the message indicating my view is out of date.  I can do a full refresh at my convenience.


I hope it works for you.

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I'm facing the issue as well. It's quite annoying to refreshing all the query one by one each time I go to the Power Query editor, waste so much time.

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I am facing the same issue now. I found one of possible reasons at Microsoft TechNet (

The answer says: "

Do you have background analysis disabled? If so, these errors can happen but should be purely cosmetic. The reason they happen is that the editor side pane depends on analysis results. If you mouse over one, this starts an on-demand analysis evaluation. If you then mouse over another one, the previously started on-demand evaluation will be canceled and show the error triangle.

Let me know if the errors interfere with the loading of your data to the workbook or data model. That would be a bug." 

However, I am not sure what backgroud analysis means. I did uncheck the "Allow data preview to download in the background." I am wondering if this could be a reason why this error keeps happening? 

I unchecked this to speed up the refreshing speed, since I am importing lots of CRM data from the datawarehouse. It would be painful if this is the root cause... 

I've never run into this problem until I uncheck the option ""Allow data preview to download in the background." in the Query option. So, this problem might be related to that option or 'Fast Data Load'.

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I am experiencing the same problem getting the 'Re: Unexpected error: Evaluation was canceled' error, and I also can correct this by retrying each of the failed queries, which as others have mentioned is annoying and time consuming. However I can also see evidence that this is more than just cosmetic. Before I re run the queries I noticed that there was missing data in my report, and after re running the failed queries the data appeared. 


What concerns me the most is that my report, by my own standards is reasonably complex, but it only consists of 16 queries, and it is getting the data from CSV which has less than 200K rows, and is only about 70MB in size. Power BI boasts about being able to deal with large amounts of data, running into millions of rows, but what I am doing is already bringing it to it's knees.


It might be that i need to get better and more efficient with my query language, and for Power BI's sake I hope this is the case.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Anyone? This error recently took over my PQ. It's cosmetic as far as I can tell but having hundreds of inert warnings everywhere for no reason is confusing and unacceptable.

Come on Microsoft why is this happening. Clicking retry an then it works or step through and it works.


I'm running this from April 2019 Desktop version.


Thank you



I have the same problem.  Sometimes my refresh works perfectly, other times i get this error, then have to manually go through each query, click on the steps and try to get it to work.  One "solution" is to delete text in a step, and then add it back.  Example - Table.SelectRows -> change to Table.SelectRow -> then change back to Table.SelectRows.


THen it does the evaluation.  


BUT THIS IS HIGHLY ANNOYING.. I have 30 queries in my PBi file an have to do this for 7-10 of them each time this problem surfaces.

I have just recently started to experience this issue.

any thought from Microsoft? any new insights?



I have just recently started to experience this issue.

any thought from Microsoft? any new insights?



Community Support
Community Support



You may try setting File > Options and settings > Options > GLOBAL > Data Load > Clear Cache and take a look at Configure scheduled refresh.

Community Support Team _ Sam Zha
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I had tried this move before (clear cache). But everytime i did this, i will have to manually rerun some of the queries that already completed earlier. And this had caused me rerun the queries endlessly and consumed lots of my time as my data was huge and it took hours to finish the whole refreshing process. 

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