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Unexpected behavior where formula result depends on whole column values but should be independent

Hello everyone,


I have a table where I calculate values from the tables in my model and values in the first column of my table. The first column of my table is generated with GENERATESERIES(start, stop, step).

I have wrestled for a few days with discrepancies between the values generated by the function and expected values. The result depend on the span of the range I generate with GENERATESERIES. For instance, looking at the row with a value of 2042, the result is different when the range is generated with either GENERATESERIES(2041.8, 2042.5, 0.1) or GENERATESERIES(2041.9, 2042.5, 0.1). In this case, the expected value is the right one in the second case.


Also, the behavior is the same when:

  • the series is generated with GENERATESERIES or using List.Generate in a Power Query.
  • the count is done with a measure or a calculated table or a calculated column


What am I missing?


Thank you !


Screenshot 2022-04-26 223512.pngScreenshot 2022-04-26 223415.png

Community Champion
Community Champion


btw I see you are using <= and >=.

I would expect to see in these kind of calculations the = sign only in one of them. 

I can't see how it is related to your issue but maybe black magic 🙂

I have tried with <= and > instead. Same problem 🙁

But thank you for trying !

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