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Unable to Start Power BI Desktop (We weren't able to connect to the model)



I'm trying to launch Power BI desktop app on my laptop without success.

The error pop-up says:


Unable to Start Power BI Desktop 

We weren't able to connect to the model


Any help appreciated.



For this sort of issues, you should try fresh installation of the program. Uninstall exisiting version, clean your temp directories both Temp & %temp% and if possible disk cleanup and regestry cleanup than install the latest release. 


In most cases it should resolve the issue.

Loaded "Power BI Desktop" OK but error again when loading data from SQL Server when
selecting table and clicking on 'Edit'!


For error look in C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\SQLDUMPER_ERRORLOG.log -
"PBIDesktop.exe, Could not open registry key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL
Server\140". Error Code 0x2 - The system cannot find the file specified".


RegEdit.exe = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Microsoft SQL Server, No
folder called 140! May be related to other items installed and un-installed
(PowerBIGatewayInstalle most possible, not PowerBIPublisher or DaxStudio).


Uninstalled "Microsoft Power BI Desktop" Product version 2.53.4954.612 (32 bit)


In %temp%, cleared: files 'SQLDmpr...' & 'SQLDUMPER...' and deleted folders
'PBIDesktopDumps' & 'Power BI Desktop'; should have done 'MSI...' folders as well.


Installed "PBIDesktopRS.msi" Power BI Desktop October 2017 Report Server

***** TEST *****

Does Power BI load? Yes

Does data upload from SQL Server now work? Yes


Fixed as diff version and differant install path



Running a "REPAIR" via uninstall programs for Power BI worked for me.  Issue occured after other errors and re-installing, of which caused this "Not Loading - SQL Dumper" issue; all the un-install, reboot, re-installs did not resolve but a simple repair did.


Thank you for your post, it gave me an idea...

I've done all your recommendations and it didn't work.


Thanks for your help

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Coming back to PBI after a while, I got the same error.  I installed the latest update - same problem.  It turned out my (new) anti-virus was the problem.  Allowing the following appplications from "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\bin" through the firewall fixed it:


After a series of re-installations of PBI desktop, I've installed Enterprise Gateway. Work like a charm for me and mates from my corporate network. Link, Resolution 1 -



New Member

Having the same issue with the July 2017 Update. Tried the personal gateway, tried all of the available proposed solutions I could find. Uninstalled, reinstalled - same result. Pretty maddening. Would greatly appreciate someone on the PBI team replying to ANYBODY'S post on this thread to provide an update.

New Member

I'm having the same problem as well. The previous version (june 2017) was working just fine. I downloaded the July update and now I'm stuck with this error. It occurs when opening Power BI form the start menu as wel as opening pbix files directly.

Advocate I
Advocate I


Tried to install the latest update and stacked now on Initializing model.

Due to this can't finish report for internal stakeholders,


Dear MS Team, how we should promote PBI inside our companies and ask for budget to buy License when you do not commute to us?

Please, send notifications "Unexpected issues" (or smth like this) or just post "We know about the problem - it will be fixed ASAP"


P.S. I know that you could premoderate messages, it's fine. But please, inform Sales team about possible risks.


Kind regards,


I have the same problem. My power BI was working fine, but I tried to update to get the new functionalities of July and it does not event start. The error is "Unable to Start Power BI Desktop (We weren't able to connect to the model)", and I have spent a few hours trying to fix it in different ways, including also uninstalling and installing new, etc. Could you please provide a working solution for this?


July version worked properly for some days , but now getting the same error.

unable to open.


The fix is in the August update, so make sure you install that one.


It was fine till I installed the Aug 17 Update =(

I reinstalled the Aug Update by repair then uninstall ...


I uniinstalled August

Installed July ... Same problem

Uninstalled July then installed June ... same problem

Uninstalled june then installed August same problem.


This is an under budget software that is not given any attention by MS. will discontinue using this application and go to competitors 

Can you provide us with more info about your environment? This sounds like a different issue than the one we fixed in the August release. Are you running any security or antivirus software on your machine that might be blocking functionality? Would it be possible to disable these temporarily and see if Desktop works on your machine? 


Also, please provide us logs so we can further investigate. To get the log files:

1. Launch PowerBI Desktop and wait for the error message to be visible.  Do not close the error dialog.

2. Find the AnalysisServicesWorkspace folder for the session of PowerBI Desktop that you just launched.  The path will be something similar to c:\users\<YourName>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\AnalysisServicesWorkspaces\AnalysisServicesWorkspace<random number>.

3. Zip up the contents of that folder or copy the contents to a file sharing service


Thank you and sorry for the trouble. 

Is there any PowerBI Desktop Log where understand the real exeption\error occured?


  • I've two virtual machine on that same environment (named A and B),
  • Windows Server 2016 64-bit,
  • RAM 16 GByte
  • Symantec antivirus

they are different only for the amount of processors (A has 8 processor, B has 4 processor), on B the app works fine on A notthing to do!


The log files
in c:\users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Temp
are the same for two machine A and B.

  1. how can understand the problem?
  2. Is there a way to understand what model PowerBI build on first app load?

Many thanks

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It appears Microsoft has not figured this out. I agree if this is not fixed soon we will leave for another self-service BI tool. Unacceptable for this type of lower level error to occur on something that purports to be user friendly.

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Posted the recommend app data (AnalysisServicesWorkspace<*>) zip file here:


Please someone from Power BI support review and let me know the issue. I use Power BI on various computers. Only one, my main work laptop, is having the issue. 





O my god... I've the same pbl since 2 days. No soluation at all ?

I've tried all solutions : I have the lastet french 64b version (october). I tried severall times to uninstall / clean-up  / install oter versions (October french 32b, October us 64b, June us 64b) and allways the same message (just in frenc or in english Smiley Sad).

I need to find a solution ! I'm trying the Premium version and the test ended in December.


I put my local info on this ShareFile


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