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Helper II
Helper II

Unable to Sign in with PBI Desktop get "Retry without Web Account Manager" after domain change

My accout was recently changed over to a new domain and I cannot log in with the Power BI Desktop App.


Here is the problem: 


When I open Power BI Desktop (November 2023), I get the "Let's get you signed in" popup.  I am signing in using a Work or School account.  




It doesn't matter if I select the option already there or go with the 3rd option and enter my credentials again.  After the password is entered, the following window appears:




If I select "Retry without Web Account Manager", it appears to sign me in (Name appears in upper left title bar)




But the "Let's get you signed in" window imediately appears again.  Regardless of what I do, it stays in this loop unless I click on the "X" on the "Let's get you signed in" window MANY times.  If I do, it eventually goes away.  But it will appear again if I try to use Power BI Desktop.


Clicking on my name in the title bar (img above) shows the correct email address. and has the sign out option.

Even so, I do not have the option to publish to the service.


If, I try to set "Use my default web browser" under Options - Security...


, then using the "Retry without Web Account Manager" pops up a browser window asking me to pick an account.  This is what the browser window says "Authentication complete. You can return to the application. Feel free to close this browser tab." and the "Let's get you signed in" window pops up again.




The account has admin privledges and I can successfully log in to .


It's possible there is something wrong in the user profile, but I have no idea where to look.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application.  I've also tried renaming the AppData\Microsoft\Power Bi Desktop AppData directory and letting it get recreated.  Neither has helped.




Super User
Super User

Same here. This started relatively recently, on a  couple of PCs where I regularly switch between accounts.  The authentication process really, really wants me to allow that account to be applied to the whole PC, and gets visibly upset when I say "No, I want to use THIS account for Power BI and THAT account for OneDrive and i don't want these accounts to be applied to the rest of the PC".  

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