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Two tables with repeated filters

I have a commission table and a units sold table. Both these tables have client #. Each of these tables have "type" column which indicates for example, what type of pie is sold: raspberry pie, blueberry pie, lemon pie. But the other table with have a "type" column with raspberry pie, blueberry pie, lemon pie, apple pie, raspberry-chocolate pie.


Currently, I have two filters for Type from Table A and Type from Table B on my dashboard. How can I either join these tables, recode columns, or do something to allow me only one filter needed for Type rather than two?

Resolver III
Resolver III


It would be more easy to answer if you provide some sample data.

But out my understanding, you can use calculated column to find the common type and use this as a slicer.


Column = IF(Table1[Type] = RELATED(Table2[Type]),RELATED(Table2[Type]))



Will this work if the columns don't exactly match? Like one table has an extra type of pie and one table has a pie named differently


It compares the values in two columns and gives you only matching result.  If one column has  OatMealPie and other column has Oat Meal Pie it doesn't match.

Super User
Super User



Paste you tables here.

Ashish Mathur
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I have two tables that are not joined but they have similar columns. For example, there is a comission table and an units sold table. I have two bars: one that shows commission paid from the commission table and one that shows # units sold by the units sold table. But they share columns in common such as segment and month (time). Currently, I have replicated slicers for each table: one segment slicer for commission table and one segment slicer for units sold table, one time frame slicer for commission table and one time frame slicer for units sold table. Is there any way to make it so that I only need to put in my filters once without having to have replicated ones whenever I manipulate the dashboard data?


Why don't you join the two tables on the common columns and have a single segment slicer and time slicer.

If I join the two tables on something like segment, I will lose the granularity of each table. 


Try creating a calculated column wich gives you the common data, somthing like an IF statement and make use of this new column as slicer.

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